Tehkummah Talk and Times

I guess Justin has to get Red-Red- Ready! Negative, lack of graciousness attack ads don’t win votes, obviously I usually don’t take too much interest in politics anymore. Hopefully we too are Red-Ready for change. For the better we hope. Congratulations to all who give their life to helping govern our land and country in any way shape or form.

Congratulations Carol Hughes, you work hard for us here on the Island! Thank you so much.

The Triangle Club monthly birthday party was held at the hall on Tuesday afternoon. Thanks once again to our musicians, Lyle, Gordie, Norm and Peter. Mum sang a couple.

Lunch detail were Carole and Eileen. The hot dogs were a treat too! Birthday folks in absentia, Elizabeth Anlborn and Elaine Bosje. Carole brought treats, draw winners: Andy, Norm, Peter, Lois, Reta, Jackie. A few games with Mum, I won two out of three. Boy what a beautiful day. I worked out and sat out this A.M.

Mary and Dorothy have been quite ill. Betty Jean and Margaret Case are both recovering from pneumonia.

Saw Vivian Pennie and Sandra, actually a lot of Islanders in Espanola on Sunday (25th), Loretta (Sauder) yelled at me. My want tos haven’t been much. My get it dones have been small. My been givens outweigh them all. “Geneva Nelson”

Wednesday, we had five and a half tables at cribbage. Today, and as always a wonderful lunch. Lotsa goodies. High hand, Hugh Corbett, 18; high scorers, Patrysha and Laura, 936; second, Jean and Mary, 928; third, Gib and Florence, 924; low, Lori and Rick 835, door, Hugh and Lois. I didn’t write the euchre winners down, I thought I would remember. Ha!

Saturday afternoon. I’ve just had a two hour nap. Rita went shopping. She took Sherry’s car. It’s been raining like crazy all night and all day so far. But we had a beautiful trip up to the Sault in the sunshine, lots of gorgeous autumn colour in spots. Mainly oaks in their russets and golden browns. Sherry clogged her little feet off. We watched, obviously, tiring (to me). Like old home week, all the lovely smiling familiar faces. Lots of folks I can’t put a name to. This is a sad year, as it will be the last clogging conference (as we know it) “the twenty fifth.” Duffy is retiring? From the blistered feet workshop. The same instructors have come for years. Shane Gruber of Michigan, Sarah Medler also from Michigan, Anita Belfry, Sudbury Nickle City Cloggers, Janet Durrant, Niagara Falls Coronation Cloggers, Paul Puckrin, Port Perry: Ary K Colesic, Sault St Marie, Duffy Schryer, Sault.

We joined the girls from Niagara Falls and Sudbury for our supper at Swiss Chalet. A fun bunch! Room 2232 was also the gathering point later. We lucked out in our accommodations, a luxurious executive suite on the top of the world. (Well it seemed high to me). A wonderful view of the city, the water, bridges and that gorgeous giant lighted (at night) cross. The demo show in the evening was wonderful! Sarah’s group (as always) outdid themselves. A dance Under the Sea and Creatures of the Night. All in amazing costumes. Jan’s group were flappers, dancing to Batman Charlton style. All of the instructors danced or led a group from the day workshop. Before the group danced they presented Duffy with a quilt they had made from the T-shirts of the 24 years of workshops. (Beautifully done, lacking only one.) Poetry, framed in flowers, cash and good works. Sarah Bonneferro did Irish clog, and Annabelle La Casse danced. Terrific show.

Here am I, back home again, one cat was glad to see me? They are kind of like me, “retired”, it’s obvious as I have a mouse, an above average in smarts one, living with us now. I had a jar of peanut butter on the cupboard, when it gets old I take it to the “tree” where the notch holds it firmly for birds and wildlife but, I noticed the lid off it last week. Looking inside I see little chew marks. I sit the lids back on it, and when I come home the lid is back off again, and the chew teeth marks are much farther in the PB. I’m anxious to meet this smart little mouse! Perhaps it’s me who attracts strange and unusual creatures?

Speaking of- Halloween is this Saturday and the Halloween party is at the hall. Sponsored each year by our Jr. UCW group. See you there. And then just the following Saturday, November 7th, our Sr. UCW annual Christmas tea, bazaar, bake sale, touch and take and “many draws” Jr. UCW combines. So we will see you all there at the Tehkummah hall in that festive Christmas Spirit!

I can’t believe how far south the sun has rolled already. Weather’s holding pretty well though (everybody talks about it!) Hey, I just realized I hadn’t told you where the Clogging Conference was or where we stayed. It is now called the “Quattro.” It’s sure a beautiful place and the most gracious of staff. It has been the Ramada, The Water Tower, the Comfort Inn, and it just keeps getting better and better. A beautiful trip home in sunshine. We stop in Espanola, supper at the Golden Dragon. (Cute little waitress, she had just returned from a trip to China)(15 hour flight)?

Gorgeous sunset colours on the Island. Apricot shades/ mauve grey, stunning.