Tehkummah Talk and Times

What a day this has been! Summer or the last taste? Breakfast outside!

Five tables at cribbage. Great lunch again! High hand, Glenn, 24; first place, Eugene and Dorothy, 953; second, Hugh and Lyla, 930; Ted with 912 points, Patrysha and Laura and Margaret and Lois; low, Jean and Mary; door, Rick and Lyla. I read out high month average and Pat and Laura tied with Pat and Cal with 916. We just do this for fun!

My neighbour to the south has a new truck in the yard. I won’t know him when he drives by without old blue!

“Live well, it’s the greatest revenge!”

There was a fair crowd for the first afternoon euchre tournament. I partnered with Wayne! I didn’t wait for the results.

Cal, Cole and I went to the “Fall” Supper at Knox where we met up with Gib and Florence. The tables were beautifully set with white linen and autumn runners up the centre. Lots of smiling servers, and lots of good food and desserts.

Back to Cal’s for a game of cribbage. Florence and I got skunked once. The guys may have won the most?

Sympathy to the White family this week in the sudden loss of “John” Tom. Thinking of you all.

I hear Coral Collins is home again. God Bless.

Leonard was in this morning looking for a “lid” for a campfire-sized enameled coffee pot (grey and white phase). If you have one let me know. Probably about 20 cup size (antique).

Laurene called in for a visit. Helen Oswald keeps in touch. She was going to Bertha and Morden’s for Sunday lunch.

My “won” grocery box was worth roughly $70. I just figured it out!

Hey, it was great to say hello to all those who called in to our Annual Christmas Tea here in Tehkummah.

Once again I made use of the “Voice” from Bay Estates. Good to have our M.P.P. Michael Mantha stop for lunch, to visit, to win draws. And Maggie Schutt, when last did I say hello to her and get a hug. And no, McIntyres, you didn’t win! We can absorb all those kind compliments on our decorating, our food, our management. We appreciate it. Thank you to all who support us, who love our draws, and who love us, and donate all those wonderful prizes and surprises. To our cooks who are A1, and workers, you’re the greatest! Thanks Sherry for taking care of all those draws this year for me. And special recognition to Audrie’s family for their annual help. Love you all. Kids’ door prizes: Faer, Skye, Kirsten B., Casey, Ava Rose, Sunday, Aaron. Adult door prizes: Anna Orford, Joan Beard, Michael Mantha, Dave Merrick, Myrna Clark, Sherry Case, Lorna Russell, Carol Love, Christine Merrick, Sally Miller, Becky Smith, Connie Townsend, Sharon Williamson. Bird Basket, Pauline Martin; Christmas wreath acorn, Flor Thomasina; pillow case wrapped, Sherry Case; J.D. Garden gift certificate, Skylar Reckahn; water genie, Sharon Williamson; bath basket #1, Sheila Sagle; bath basket #2, Rose Van Every; cushions, Lynda Garniss; jams and jellies, Dawn Mclaughlin; Christmas centerpiece, Maggie Schutt; mirrors, Dawn Mclaughlin; porcelain doll, Andy Watson; snowman cookie jar, Anna Orford; Christmas centerpiece, Anna Orford; wreath, Pauline Martin; musical dolls, Lydia McKennan; surprise, Jeanette Barette; Christmas moose, Christine Merrick; lantern, Christine Merrick; crystal Christmas, Becky Smith; jam basket, Reta Gordon; bed doll, Skylar Reckahn; Christmas centerpiece, Sheila Sagle; bath basket, Rose VanHorn; Rheas cake, Joan Kay; J.D. gift certificate, Sheila Sagle; grocery basket, Pat Hall. Jr. U.C.W. draws: kitty box, Michael Mantha; dog box, Sally Miller; Christmas basket, Joan Beard; preserves, Mary Johnston; Christmas basket (cookies), Christine Merrick.

My goodness the year is rolling round. Another nice day of sunshine here again. I can’t recall a year with so much “but” I’m not complaining.

Remembrance Day service at the hall on Wednesday, November 11 at 11 am.

In the afternoon cribbage at 1:30 pm as usual.

Sunday evening a card game at Cal’s found the “girls” defeated badly. They won six of the seven games. Always a lot of laughs, but they seemed kind of smug. Next time!

We had been in to Carol’s and Earl’s for supper. Saw lots of family members dining out too. Met a friend of Susan’s.

After church Mum beat me three games before I went home. We had lunch at Carol’s and Earl’s with Martin, Lynda, Justin and Quillan who is now going as “Super Q”. I thought Super Cute, but he wasn’t happy with that. Martin had a good Remembrance Day service reviving his Dad’s old songbook.