Tehkummah Talk and Times

Wednesday—Some days are longer than others! Certainly can’t complain about today’s weather. Beautiful sunshine again this Remembrance Day. In that regard, a day to remember. What a nice crowd out for the service at the hall hosted by the Triangle Club and organized by Martin Garniss. Bev Lynch named all those from this township who have served over the years. Lynda Garniss read “In Flanders Fields.” I read a poem from my book, “November Shadow.” Mum and I sang an old war song “The Soldiers Last Letter.” With due respect – the Moment of Silence – and prayer. A nice service. War memorabilia set out on display. A nice lunch served.

I made a run up to the clinic after the service, did my laundry while in Mindemoya. They are still at work on the streets but they are coming along nicely and so much smoother. When I got back to the hall the cribbage was almost over. I grabbed a coffee and a delicious muffin. There were five tables (so it worked out without me). Bill Case should have bought a lottery ticket today. He had a 28 hand, and a couple of 24s. First place, Marg and Simon, 932; second, Bert and Joy, 915; third, Jean and Mary, 910; low, Janet and Glenn, 862; door, Lori and Lois. Thanks Dorothy for looking after the day!

When talking to Pauline on the phone this evening she tells me Coral Collins passed away today. Sympathy to John and her friends. She was the sweetest lady with the biggest heart.

Early this morning the ambulance went by here with the sirens screaming.

Did I hear that Lyla Chatwell was in the hospital? Get well soon.

Thursday—Just got home from our Espanola bus shopping trip. Cal calls to come down for supper, he roasted a chicken. Very nice. A few games of crib. I’m winning two of three today. An early night, I was beat. Up early this morning for blood work in Mindemoya. Stopped for coffee and toast afterwards. Had some bird talk with Chris Bell at Mum’s Restaurant.

There seems to constantly be something going on. This morning our Sr. U.C.W. meeting. It’s like perpetual motion lately. We had 18 on the bus yesterday, adventure there too, when the bus overheated. And I do believe the second bus had more comfortable seats. We almost made it to our bus driver’s place. Thanks Bertha! She’s a great bus driver and help. Always smiling despite the raindrops and problems of the day.

Right in the village we have deer. I had a beautiful 8-point (perfect rack) pose for me on Friday.

Here it is Sunday/Monday. Busy Sunday, the annual hunt camp dinner event. Enough food to feed an army and an army there too. 21? No Hank this year, so the stories won’t be near as good! Kim, the main camp cook, made a most delicious wild game pie, moose burgers, venison sliders, plus our contributions. Last year’s Big Buck Award was won by Sherry, again! Best Costume Award, winning prizes of unspeakable value, Lori Gordon (who followed all instructions). We had a best joke contest and our team won. One has to be so careful how one speaks these days. Good jokes! John, Kim, Steve, Sherry, Tavis, Wayne, Ray, Tara, Jacob, Skylar, Granny Jean, Pauline, Lori, Rick, Dave, Alicia, Cal and me. Ed Kopp and Steve (next camp).

I got beat one game of cribbage by Mum before I got home. Fell asleep in my chair, went to bed at 3 am. Wrote this part.

On Saturday I was busy. I start by making my pie crust. Susan phones, she takes me Mum and I to the Tea at the Mindemoya Hall. A huge crowd. I had delicious potato soup! Lots of food, good waitress. We saw lots of folks twice that day, later at the Tehkummah Hall. Some repeat hellos.

We took in the sale at the Missionary Church. Lots of vendors. They had a great work crew hired on for the turkey supper. A busy spot. They served close to 400 so I hear.

We have in our township two of the most amazing women. They are both 99 years of age this month. We all sang Happy Birthday to Audrie Williamson at church on Sunday, November 15 (her official day), and Mum (Jean McCauley) will celebrate hers on November 25. So congratulations ladies! Some more birthdays on November 25 are Barb Bowerman and Liz Stillwaugh. Carol, from Carol’s and Earl’s, birthday is on November 24.

The Christmas Fair is at Tehkummah Hall on November 28.

Mum, Cal and I sat with Diane and Ted at the supper on Saturday night. Diane was asking about Cleo (our old cat who is still around) who was named by their daughter Carolyn. When Carolyn brought her to me the kitten was mighty small. She’s a beautiful Calico.