Tehkummah Talk and Times

Love- Love- Love- Love- perhaps you’ve had the family love experience over your holiday season. Love is the answer you know, to everything, and love was our sermon base on Sunday.

Saturday evening “The Michael’s Bay Historical Society” annual old-fashioned Christmas Concert was wonderful. Lots of beautiful Christmas music by Ben and George; and Christmas Carols (by all) and wonderful skits, etc.; some amazing young singers and wild kittens!!?

I guess Mom beat me a couple of (close) games of cribbage after. Marilyn was an excellent M.C., Carole was between Sudbury visits with her daughter Gwen, I hope all is well.

Me since Sunday, now have been battling a bad cold, I didn’t think I had completely recovered from the flu bug of a couple of weeks back!

Cal and I were at C & E’s for supper on Saturday evening- Keith and Kathy Size joined us and we had a nice visit. They had just put their dog Lucy down that day, fifteen years (I think), always a sad affair. We went down in doggie population in Tehkummah by four in just a few months: Mary’s “Rocky,” Amanda’s “Thunder,” our “Poppy” and Silvio’s “Bean,” all within a few steps of each other.

It’s amazing what one can fit into a day or two isn’t it?

Christmas Eve in the pouring rain, what a day that was. Played cards with Mom in the afternoon, we went to the Christmas Eve service at St. Andrews, “The Story” and lots of carols. After, Mom and I went to Pauline and Wayne’s where she had prepared wonderful food for Santa, I guess, Ho ho!!! Mom and I taste tested for him, Susan and Simon came later, after snacks; a game of “Oh Crap” was fun, Simon won. Midnight as we drove home heavy wet snow would help Santa with his rounds I’m sure. Hail by the time I got to Mom’s. Thursday morning parcel opening at Ray and Tara’s, quite a few wrappers removed by the time I got there; visited, got to open stuff myself even. Ray always cooks a good breakfast Christmas morning. Cal came and joined the clan: Marion, Sherry, Dave, Billy Joe, Marg and Jim, their son Ken (from B.C.), nice visiting time.

I made a couple of macaroni salads; soon Cal picked me up “Mindemoya.” We visited Gib and Florence, their family Anita, Jeff (Grands), Joseph, Faith and Anna. We stayed about an hour then visited Rick and Kathleen (Pyette), Jeff and Connie too. We enjoyed a great visit and a wonderful turkey dinner and raisin pie dessert.

Boxing Day I went to Sherry and Dave’s for leftover turkey dinner. On my way home I stopped at Lori and Rick’s Jase and Zoe the happy Christmas pup (Santa came to Zoe).

Pauline and Wayne had Sudbury area family around their table on Boxing Day. Anita, Alisha and Samantha, Dave and Christine, Dave just lost his mom (they’d just returned from Toronto), little Ava, Susan, Simon and Mom were with them too.

I got a phone call from my cousin in Delta B.C..

With the holiday now behind us and the New Year reasonably presentable, a bit of snow driving and another birthday under my belt here, I am pen in hand, going to try to recall some of the special moments of the last few days. As I’m all turned around time-wise, it’s been like having two weekends in a week. I’m not sure of my days but I think today is Friday!! And Friday, around 1 I guess in the morning. I got home after spending a couple of nights at Sherry and Dave’s where their open house held more than a houseful. Derek and Jodi arrived on the 29th, Kim and Kathy on the 30th (which was last year!!). I was there Monday-Wednesday, stayed over Wednesday, New Year’s Eve, a house full adding Mom, Susan, Cal, Ray, Tara, Jacob, Skylar and Billie, Ed and Diane, Lori, Rick and Jase. We listened to the fine song stylings of Lori and Kim; we ate and played a great game of Tiki. Everyone sang me the happy birthday song complete with cake and candles (not all???) ten minutes before my birthday expired. After the New Year’s salute and all (with bells) most all folk headed for home, convoy style, through the bad snowfall, we talked our way to bed! Visiting the New Year’s Day away playing cards, snacking on leftovers, playing cribbage. Derek picked-up Mom then we all played a game of Tiki and then taught the new comers the “Oh Crap” game, which they really liked; so much fun and excitement. So when Kim and Kathy brought Mom home I came home too (just to check on the cats!?). Anyway, as comfy as it was at Sherry’s I do like my own little “beddy bye”, but for some reason I still seem tired. Must have been the game of cards. Pauline was sick over the New Year; Susan had a cold but couldn’t miss the get-together. Derek and Jodi spent Tuesday evening visiting her sister Colleen and John Castleton (had a good dinner with them). Ross and Susan spent some time with Justin and Crystal.

Mary has been helping Elaine at the store, they are taking inventory.

Well here it is 1am Saturday morning just crawled into bed after dropping Mom off. We went to Susan and Simon’s around three. Had delicious lasagna, chili, salad, rolls, multiple desserts and then some choices. Mom made butter tarts too. We listened once again to the music of Lori and Kim, then played (2 tables worth) of “Oh Crap.”

This game incited lots of loud yelling and laughter. After Chris, Lori and Rick, Wayne and Cal left, one more game with Sherry, Kim, Kathy, Jodi and Derek, Susan, Simon, Mom and I, the reason for another late return. What a lot of fun. Was a nice clear night at least for driving.

Saturday morning- As always the time goes so fast, and Derek and Jodi are heading back home (to Mackenzie B.C.) and Ken and Kathy back (to Clarksburg). Though it is snowing here to day the kids that live the closest will possibly have the worst trip??

What a blessing my family is to me, so I’m teary eyed. Was so special for all our together times in the past six days!

Challenged Mom to a game, she beat me one when Jennifer and Matt (King) came in. She (they) have been visiting parents his first, in Toronto, then hers, Paul and Barb (Bowerman). Cole and Barb picked them up at the airport last Sunday.

I heard that Carole and Neil Middaugh lost their daughter Gwen (Young) over the holiday, much sympathy to the family.

While Linda and Martin Garniss were away they found sadness in their journey.

I have to get a tooth looked at soon, my jaw and ear are kind of bothering me. May be residue of the cold or flu too I guess. So I didn’t go to church Sunday morning, I’m going to be squared away when we don’t have an extra weekend in the middle.

Talking to Mollie and Pauline who has been flu bound, and down over the New Year celebration.

In our backyard and Main Street evidence of many deer and fox (tracks).

Grateful for the “Greatest Gift” of the season and my many friends and wonderful family. I am truly blessed.

Happy New 2015.