Tehkummah Talk and Times

I guess it was because I was in a weakened state today that Mom skunked me twice. I did win a couple of games (barely).

Susan stopped in at the clinic and found out why she had been having headaches.

Good storm in the States and the East Coast.

The depression that some of us deal with ongoing is recognized and being researched.

Tonight I’m doing more sneezing than coughing, and I missed bingo, wow?!

Never saw a soul on Tuesday, if they had seen me they would have found another P.J. day! Susan called in in the evening and visited for a while. I had to cough a lot before I could go to sleep. I had a bath this morning and feel better for it I think, but I am weak! Enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while I write, dozed off but the phone woke me. Cousin Joan (Arnold) from Florida called.

I’m glad there is so much focus on our depression; the interviews by Bell’s “Let’s Talk” and Clara’s “Big Ride” open up a lifeline for many. Been there done that me. I don’t know if one ever defeats it, or if you just learn to deal with it. I think the more you do for others, the less time you have to think about you and me.

I talked to Bert (Bosje) this week, he says Elaine is an excellent nurse; he’s getting things under control.

Another sunny day, has anyone been counting? Darned chilly though. Well it’s Friday and I’m still coughing, but it’s a relief that the cough mechanism has disconnected from my bladder thank goodness! I would have made a good hound in deer season, almost a whooping type cough. I did the self-cure: Buckley’s, hot lemon and honey, sea salt gargle and Watkins rub. I got thinking about dad’s old wool sock wrapped around my neck with an underlay of Vick’s rub. Mom never used a mustard plaster on us, but I went to school with kids whose moms did, and saw the burn results too. That was before running for antibiotics got to be fashionable, and running to the emergency room too. My bark (ha-ha) is worse than my bite, of course that was also when doctors called at your home, if necessary, and way back (in the dark ages) most families like ours didn’t have a car in the yard. What does this going back in time tell you?

Susan did offer to take me up to the emergency room though. As I told a friend of mine, I could have been laying here staring at the ceiling, my mouth hanging open. No one wants to expose themselves to the bug, I sure hope no else gets this! Mom is better but still coughing a bit.

After feeding the birds I went to the store where Susan Ward said I should use a mustard plaster. I said I’d just written a bit in my column about such things. She said her mom used Vicks and black pepper, and then when I was talking to Cal on the phone after, he also mentioned a mustard plaster and his grandma used bear grease!

This morning talking to Lyle Dewar on the phone he recommended lemon and honey and mustard plaster and Buckley’s. He claimed you got well really quickly as you never wanted a second application of either (or spoonful). Then when Helen O. called this morning, she said lemon and honey and she had benefitted from her mother’s mustard plasters, and used them on her kids too. (Now this mustard thing, how can so many folks be thinking along the same line? They say there are “NO COINCIDENCES”, spooky.) Lyle said his mom applied mustard first, then brown paper over it (they greased the paper) and some methods applied the grease and paper against the skin. The burn wasn’t as bad, you didn’t lose as much hide.

Lyle called to tell me of Erma McAllister passing away, nice lady. He said ‘didn’t I notice no column last week?’ Well my mail is still in the box. Yesterday about suppertime I was outside for the first time since Monday when I faxed my column up to the paper.

I hear a special birthday party to celebrate Eugene (Pyette’s) eighty-fifth was held at the beautiful new home of Blair and Marion in Manitowaning on Saturday. Sherry, Dave and Marion (Case) travelled up to Little Current to help Melanie for her (can I say it?) fortieth birthday Saturday evening. It was a nice gathering and family get-together.

Mom went to Susan and Simon’s on Saturday evening where Paula and her family (from Sudbury) were there to help celebrate Susan’s grandson’s 17th birthday; “Happy birthday great-nephew”.

I had a call from Sherry Sunday evening.

This Saturday is the Triangle Club’s roast beef dinner and dance; tickets are available. Don’t forget our Sr. U.C.W. Valentine Tea is February 14th starting at 2pm.

Meals on wheels- my darling sister Susan came through the door with a piping hot supper for me: chicken cordon bleu, perogies with bacon, onions and sour cream, garden carrots and cake with strawberries for dessert; a frosty night delivery. Thank you Susan for the soup, Mom for clam chowder and Thursday night meals on wheels. I’m so grateful this week.

I’m stretched out in my chair, I’ve just had a toasted tomato sandwich for my breakfast and it’s nine-thirty-ish. A wake up call from the help line sent me hungry (?) to Mom’s and wondering why I’m taking time to put earrings in? I called sis Susan and got a busy signal, obviously I pushed a wrong number; it’s lucky I didn’t panic. I walked around figuring it’s quicker than shoveling snow off my vehicle and made it as our wonderful first response team came barreling in, despite misdirection of address. It’s so reassuring when they are on the scene. There were five that I saw, probably more outside. Thanks so much. Mom was pale, had taken a dizzy and weak spell, Susan Ward was close behind me and soon a couple of young ladies on the ambulance, so efficient and capable. I called Susan again and got her this time, she went to Mindemoya, and afterward Pauline went up too. Susan had an appointment in Espanola so Pauline drove me home. Joyce phoned looking for Mom (I forgot the note), Sherry phoned and Tara was in.

I’m going to close my eyes so I won’t see my “shadow” today.

Mom called, she is back home again and our days are interesting.