Tehkummah Talk and Times

Monday evening, Groundhog Day- Well instead of going to bingo I opted for my chair, I seem exhausted. My two walks around the corner, the first real action since last Monday, were tough on me I guess.

Had a phone call from Barb (Bowerman) this evening just checking on Mom and me. Susan was in, bringing me a choice of two doughnuts (from her) or one orange (from Mom). Needless to say I still have the orange. I spent a few hours with Mom in the afternoon after her exciting (?) morning; at least she got us up and moving.

Shadow or no shadow, here in the north, we’ll probably have six more weeks of winter. I’m already impressed with the extra daylight, minutes/hours? I see the February moon; it is always the largest isn’t it, closer?

Tavis and Alicia, I’m playing Christmas music, I love the CDs, the old singers. Sherry stopped in at Mom’s on Wednesday evening, we were already starting cards so she stayed for four games worth. We both won one, close games, but Mom won two.

Happy Birthday on February 14 to my sister Mollie, Betty-Jean Bailey and Marilyn Moggy (country).

Cal phoned and said “My grandma didn’t use bear grease”, I saw that too! My writing (penmanship) must be atrocious, as goose and bear does not seem quite the same (re. last weeks column). I’ve since heard that if you used baking soda on the mustard plaster, it didn’t burn, and Grace Sawyer told me she, as her mother before her, used onions (softened and warmed) with sugar in a cloth. The remedies are out there folks! I said hello too, to Buck (Phillips) who says in the spring, construction will be on in full force for a new home for Mike. Too bad to lose everything in a fire. Houses can be rebuilt, mementos and photos I’d hate to lose, but their pets were safe too. I miss Poppy’s big creamy tail wagging when I drove into the yard and every time I walk by her house to the bird feeders. Well, my laying around so much this winter means I always have a cat on me or by me. Cleo sits on the back of the chair usually; she sticks her claws in my head to make me yell. Marble is constantly knocking things like my papers down, just to get attention I guess. We all have cabin fever.

Apologies for all mistakes in reporting!

Even though I am right out of pills, I have decided not to go to Mindemoya today for I have to do laundry as well. I’m beat-out, I just made my pies for the supper tonight. It’s lucky, I think, that I made my pastry last evening.

Yesterday though, I went and got my sticker for the car. I guess I’ve been breaking the law, but I haven’t used my van except to zip around to Mom’s, or for mail, or to the Hall. I never looked in the envelope? There’s so much I’m unaware of in this world of ours? You know, I kind of like it that way, in my own little world!

My vehicle had been resting, usually covered with a couple of feet of snow. Thanks to Susan and Simon who came and de-snowed and de-iced it one day this week.

Talking about de-icing and a cold and wet behind (was I?) I don’t know what would happed if I bogged down when there is nobody here. I floundered, Jacob came along just as I fell and he had an awful time getting me on my feet. I could not get my legs under me at all. Finally, on all fours, one leg down and a tremendous hoist from a very strong boy; but was I wet (thought we might have to call Ross with the backhoe).

Sunday evening Cal and I went to Carol’s and Earl’s for a “bowl of soup” as he calls it! We just got settled when his nephew Rick and Kathleen came in and joined us; they are the nicest young couple. Earl told me his dad had passed away on the 23rd of January; sympathy to the family. It had been two weeks Friday since I had been there. We had a bit of a chat with Ruth and Holly, after Rick and Kathleen left.

Shane told me to boil up some fresh ginger to get rid of my cough; a Chinese remedy!

I was talking to Mom on the phone after I got home here, she had been up to see her doctor, Susan and Pauline went with her.

2:30 am, I woke myself up singing “Oh You Beautiful Doll”, a song I hadn’t even thought of for years; I have a strange mind! Awake at 4:30 singing a different song, and then at 6:30 again; so time like a two-hour alarm.

I was blogging I guess long before the word was even invented! Should have called my column “Text Talk”. I didn’t even realize how far ahead of my time I was until it was pointed out to me, and what’s even more amazing/amusing is I’m so computer illiterate!

It’s a beautiful clear morn, sun already showing. It’s frost to the top of my kitchen windows, so its cold but the lengthening daylight hours do seem promising.

Due to great organization (thanks Linda and helpers), Triangle Senior’s held a wonderful and delicious roast beef dinner (pre-selling the tickets). It was a full house, the dance started at 8 and went until 12:30, Robbie Shawana has a great selection of songs, he does lots of the old ones too; started off with romantic (he called it cheek to cheek) music “Look at Us”, and so the evening went, to “Have I Told You Lately that I love You”; with his great back-up, Dillon, Chris and Sonny on drums, the sweethearts sure danced! Everyone raved over the evening as the mid-winter blues were chased away. Door prize Judy Blue, Roses and gift draws won by Tammy Russell, Sharlene Elliot, William Shelly and David Case.

Happy Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to give your sweetheart your love!

And also don’t forget our Sr.U.C.W. Valentine Tea at the Tehkummah Hall is on Saturday, February 14, starts at 2pm. Lots of draws and door prizes, hope to see you all there.

Valentine’s Love to all.

There were only seven of us for our Annual Church Board meeting, after the service, and after our potluck lunch. Thanks to Elaine for tea and coffee. I was hoping they’d fire me as secretary, no such luck. I’ve already got the minutes in the ledger!