Tehkummah Talk and Times

I watched four beautiful black horses being unloaded across the road from Cal’s on Saturday morning (16th). Blaine Gilbert and family. They took part in the horse pull, Summerfest weekend in Manitowaning.

I’m back in my room in Sudbury as I write, Sherry drove me over, we did a bit of grocery shopping at Walmart. My stores had been pretty well depleted but lasted pretty well since our last shopping bout (when I first came over). It was good to see Martin back in church. They had been visiting their daughter in Oakville. We make the rafters ring when we sing!!

The 10th Anniversary of the St. Andrews annual music night was held this year at the museum grounds, and I believe it’s the first one I’ve missed, darn it!

I was going to visit Bob Blue today but by the time I had my radiation treatment and saw the doctor, and got the same medication at the hospital pharmacy, it was past visiting time (more problems). More of the nice folk I have met here are leaving tomorrow. So they got an amazing puzzle finished today. I have enjoyed working on them too, and one can fill in a bit of spare (not) time!

I just got a call from the Southern Ontario Taxi service (Friday 7:30am).

A pretty young lady named Lauren walked me to Bob’s (Blue) room but he was away for his therapy so I left a card and note on his pillow.

On my way home from Cal’s tonight I brought with me a hitchhiker. Just a week ago I said to Sherry I never see lightening bugs anymore. She said they had lots down their way. Maybe this one will find a mate and procreate here?? Barb and Cal had just started a cribbage game so they backed up. They shouldn’t have, cause I beat them two games. On my way home too, looking at deer in Gordon’s Field and didn’t a yearling run out right in front of me.

So Taxi Service got me here just before five today. K and K are staying at the camp with their puppy (5 months new) Toolin, I found out that Eugene (Pyette) has a nice new stent in him, and he’s home from Sudbury already.

Cribbage, 7 tables. high hand, Lloyd and Ted, 21; first, Graham and Sheila, 939; second, Dorothy and Lois, 929; third, Dorothy and Ted, 923; low, Lina and Roger, 849; door, Roger, Lina and Lois.

Euchre results: Marilyn and Dorothy, 85; Janice and Annabelle, 70; Ted and Marie, 70; Sandy and Anne, 70; Pat N and Brenda, 46; Marilyn and Dorothy, 7 lone hands; door ??

Saturday July 30. SBCDA. Starting at 10am. Bake sale, BBQ, firefighters yard sale at the museum grounds in South Baymouth.

Here I am just home (11:30) just dropped Mum off. We had spent the last three hours listening to Kim and Lori entertaining us with their guitars. We even got a couple of Stompin’ Tom songs out of Rick. This was after a “delish” supper, BBQ pork tenderloin, corn, spuds, salads and quesadilla at the new camp. I hadn’t been back this year! They’ve done a good job of repair on the camp. Dave, Sherry, Roy, Tara, Skylar, Kim, and Kathy, Cal, Mum and I. Oh yeah, Mum sang some old songs too.

Tara told me Francine had passed away about a week ago. I’m sorry to hear. She was the nicest girl. We shared a few good visits when we were in the hospital together. Joan told me today of Ian (McCauley’s) drowning. Sorry to Crystal and the family and friends. Also saddened to hear of Ruthie’s death last Monday, only 49 (Blaine McCauley’s daughter). Praying for you all. Now some better news! Joan Arnold has a new great granddaughter. Congratulations, new parents Amanda and Bobby, 7 pounds Sawyer Gray Snyder. Sounds like she will be well loved, congrats, Maureen and Mark. I forgot to mention last week at South Baymouth this handsome young man gives me a hug, did I look confused? Lucas is all grown up! Susan took Simon up to emerg Saturday afternoon!

Many, many, many folks, stopped at the Tehkummah table Saturday afternoon to wish Audrie Williamson all the best as she celebrated in style her 100th birthday. Lots of family members involved in the decorating, and a photo op as she rode in on a motor cycle? Greetings from the township. A presentation of flowers from the SR. U.C.W. group (by Mum) and she read: It doesn’t seem so long ago, since we were 99. And there is nothing we can do to stop the hands of time. We’ve had our ups and downs you see, with memories and tears. But now we’ve reached the grand old age of a “big” 100 years

—Jean McCauley, July 22 2016.

Mum is 10 days younger than Audrie. A wonderful social time followed the delicious lunch provided by the Triangle Club. Wonderful party, great memories.

Mum says she’s been out for dinner and or lunch every day this week. My sister Peg and Glen (Lumis) from Guelph were here for a few days. They dined (all) at Susan and Simon’s, Pauline and Wayne’s, Garden Shed and Garden’s Gate (tonight the camp!) So a busy time (I didn’t get to see her). Talking to Cal this (Sunday) AM and sis Susan, so Simon stayed in the hospital. Heat exhaustion. I think you’re going to have to slow down a bit!

I’m going back to Sudbury with Kim and Kath today, and they are continuing home to Clarksburg but just a week or so and they’ll be back on the Island for a bit of a holiday.

More summer folk today at church a celebration of sorts anniversary four Fairview Church. Next year will celebrate 120 years. So nice a zucchini loaf to take with me. Thanks to the Russels my this week’s dessert!