Tehkummah Talk and Times

Four little girls in blue, actually turquoise, you would have thought we planned it that way. But we all came from our own places, to Garden Shed. We had a bit of a meeting there, Susan, Pauline and I, and were joined by nephew Pete, Leanne, Ava and Leah. In the afternoon I had a game of cards with Mum. She won two of three, close though! I even did a little garden trimming despite the heat of the day, and daylight hours are really shortening, already yet! Tuesday, Tom and Mary Balfe were at Garden Shed for breakfast with their family, Mike (from Germany), his wife Linda, their kids; Leila, Stella, and Audrey, Andrew and his kids, Ellen, Tristan, Myra, Amelia, and Nora.

Thursday, I did my spring-cleaning of my patio area and believe me it was time! Earlier in the day I headed for town, Cal was gone already but he came along when I was at the General Store. Had a most delish mushroom burger there, and then he drove to Wikwemikong. I shopped at The Source and the Dollar Store. Later beat at cards, 10 tables for cribbage. High hands, 240, 2 for Lori Graham, 1 Lyla, and 1 Lina; first Gib and Florence, 946; second Lina and Noreen, 941; third Keith and Lloyd, 939; low Edgar and Rita, 811; door Lina, Lyla, Melissa, and Buck. Congrats to all the winners!!

It was lucky I was laying in my lazy girl chair on Wednesday when Derek walked in the door. He was on his own, Jodi had gone to Mindemoya to see her Dad, who was in the hospital there. So much going on but what a wonderful shock/surprise Tory, Amelia, Desmond and Declan too arrived Friday? They camped at South Bay Resort. But, now are at Green Acres, as I write this. On Friday evening Sherry, Dave, Cal and I took in the Murder Mystery production. I obviously, the good reporter that I am, had a part in the show. So much accurate information? As always a great show, a wonderful wedding singer, a delish supper (first time I’ve had “ Sand Hill Crane”) but was a nice evening, thanks to your creativity Liz Green.

Laurene came in early this week bearing gifts again, strawberry rhubarb jam and delish cucumber pickle.

Tuesday we had a stop at Garden Shed for a breakfast meeting, Susan, Pauline and I. Peter, Leanne, Ava Jean and Leah. When we went to pay it was covered! Thanks! Today, Sunday Mum and I got our lunch paid for at Carol’s and Earl’s, Blair (Sullivan) and Donna shared table space for a bit.

Earlier we had a free cup of coffee at Pierside. Some days you can’t lose, though we were losing all the visitors to the Chi Cheemaun, we actually went in to wave goodbye. Kim and Kirby to Clarksburg, Pennie, Roslyn and Sydney and Mollie headed for Toronto, and niece Patti (nee Miller), Jim, Victoria, Haven, Trevor, and their mates and six youngsters, and I do mean young, what a bunch of good kids to Collingwood. They were so quiet during the speeches and presentations for Mums 100th birthday party on Saturday afternoon. What a wonderful day. The rain sure didn’t stop anyone from coming to congratulate her. Main program; grandson Steve (Martin) MC’d, did a fabulous job, stories, history, during the middle of that, each of us did the presentations from dignitaries. I read Mike Mantha’s, Susan read the one from Carol Hughes, and Pauline read the note from the Governor General, David Johnston. From the Queen’s representative in Ontario, Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Steve took this one and Millie presented the document from Kathleen Wynne.

Township representative presented on behalf of Eric Russell, Lori Leeson added her words as well. Grandson Lance (Heslop) had gathered up research on Livingstone Heritage (impressive) and McCauley background, and Captain Morgan. The guy who does those commercials wrote and sang a special song for Mum, priceless!

Steve did a little more of her story, Mollie had a poem she had written. Audrie Williamson read and presented a special poem she had written to Mum. Flowers presented too from our Senior U.C.W. group. Kim with Lori backup, sang the song he had written for Mum’s 80th birthday party, followed by a neat new one just written for this event/cute! Pauline, Mum and I sang the blessing and the food was presented by Triangle Seniors Club and enjoyed by all. Some of Pauline’s and Wayne’s family, Christine, Dave, Cassie, Jason and Tatyana, Chloe, Ava, Aurora, Wayne, Lisa, Skylar, Emily, Gail, William, Kayla, Sarah, Anita, Alicia, and Sammy. I’ll probably be in trouble, I’m sure I’ve missed some of the “relatives.”

But what a convergence of family, unbelievable. Mum’s place looks like a flower shop. (Nancy’s family too) Mitch and Christa.

Mum and I sat out in front of the apartments and visited with Mary, Dorothy, and Lori. We just came from Susan and Simon’s who had a yard full of relatives heading for home. Mickey, Brendan, Owen and Jaxon, Paula, Sean, and Brandon, Jeff, Megan and Rob, and Michelle, Jordyn and Brooklyn, Barb and Carol. So nice to spend time with them all this weekend. Tracy, Matthew and Madison left on Saturday evening’s ferry with Pete, Leanne and family. I’m sure I’ve missed somebody important. Mum was really happy with three girls from Northernaire Lodge, who worked with her way back when, Sue, Daphne and Joyce.

So impressed with this most wonderful event and milestone. How terrific, so much love, so emotional.

Thanks for all the fabulous blessings of the week. In the evening, the music of Kim and Lori, Sean, Jacob, Sydney and Roslyn, Patti and Haven (Grandma, tell me about the good old days) and the dew wop girls were fantabulous. Lance, Theresa, Nicolas and Brendon headed for home, Toronto after the party, Lance never let on he was in a lot of pain from his kidney stone?