Tehkummah Talk and Times

Mum fed me red jello with bananas and peaches, and whipped cream on top. She seems to do this when I beat her at cribbage, so I try to win!!

More temperate overnights, but I’m a little concerned with the gatherings already, huge flocks of blackbirds/starlings, wild geese and Sandhill cranes are they trying to tell us something??

Skylar is at horse camp this week.

2 am the coyotes woke me up. They were pretty close. Whatever they were chasing?? Susan (Ward) said the deer have been in our yards the last couple of nights (maybe longer?) Almost 3 am the chorus starts again, a little more distant!

Aren’t I always in bed, even when I’m not sleeping? My TV was all dots and dashes so I’m reclining, reading a “Mary Higgins” dark mystery. Love her books. We’re not long home from celebrating Pat (Norton’s) birthday, a get together at Carol’s and Earl’s. Pat, her Mum Laura, Rachelle, Ruth, Mum, Cal and I, but it is difficult to get ahead of Pat. She bought us all a scratch ticket for “HER” birthday. Three winners. We win in more ways than one.

It’s pouring rain outside as I write.

10 tables for cribbage today, high hand, Betty Jean, 24; Tied for first, Betty Jean and Bill, and Cal and I with 960; Third place, Lois and Dorothy 946; Low, Rick and Lori 808; door winners, Sandra, Bill (C), Lois, and Rick.

Earlier today, Tara and I went for our breakfast at The Garden Shed. Skylar had pictures of “Peaches” her horse to care for and ride this week.

Euchre, Thursday evening 7:30 pm, eight and three-quarter tables. Joan Beard and I are on K.P. Duty. Men’s lone hands, Dave Nelder 7; Men’s high, Rick Kempthorpe 82; Men’s low, Carmen 40; Ladies’ lone hands, Barb Forth 5; Ladies’ high, Pat Nelder 79; Ladies’ low, yours truly 47; door prize, Marie.

The credit for the poem headlining my last week’s column goes to Audrie Williamson (they forgot to put her name on it). I have a little cat sleeping beside me but my Ginger hasn’t been around since the night of the thunder. I hope she hasn’t got locked in somewhere. Just wrote this and I heard the kitchen door open, she’s “Baaaack”. She has been (maybe) coming in at night and sleeping somewhere the long hot days away. (I was glad to see her even if it is the wee small hours of the night.) She had spruce pitch on her belly fur and tail!!

“The blessed one am I!!!” Today I received a parcel in the mail. It turned out to be a lovely quilt, especially made for cancer patients from Victoria’s Quilts in Ottawa. The tears were falling, and I thank you Reg and Sherry Hall, how wonderfully thoughtful. I got in my lazy girl chair, but it’s too warm for this weather we’re having this year. But it will be perfect to use soon. Sounds like hundreds of wild geese and sandhills in the fields below me, perhaps thousands.

Another wonderful surprise (Mum got one too) was pictures of my great nieces. Ava, Jean and Leah. Audrey, thanks for the nice note (McCauley).

Mum and I took in the market. Lots of great produce available these days. Then we had breakfast at The Garden Shed, and Melissa joined us there.

Well I finally got to sample a Belgian waffle; it was just delicious. I was surprised to find it was Tammy (Wood) Reynolds running it (former Tehk girl), met her husband Steve too.

Tonight the setting sun over the harbour gave me a lovely sheen. Mauves and apricot shades, puffy clouds above, and one brilliant sundog to the left of the descending orb.

Did I tell you about jarring my preserves, as I fell in the door? Got a lovely bruised leg to verify my clumsiness. I had fish for supper that night. I was applying the frozen package to my pain OUCH!

Well, I’ve Been Counting Flowers on the Wall, at least that is one of the songs we dancers got to enjoy at the Tehkummah hall Saturday afternoon (counted 22 pair). “Victor John”, -ny “no cash” and to

“Tamarak’er down on the Old Pine Floor”, were some of the comments this very able musician ad-libbed, as he entertained with excellent songs, variety, keyboard, fiddle, accordion and harmonica. Wayne Bailey won the door prize and donated it back. Thank you! In the evening I went to Mum’s and she beat me pretty good. Matter of fact when I left there was a skunk smell outside her door (for real). She’s beat me two days in a row! Cal was in for a minute or two, wasn’t feeling well!

Sympathy to the “Family Brown” in the loss of Christopher recently (Janice’s son). Congrats to Pat and Lydia in their most recent family addition born in Mexico.

Did a little better at cards after church. Martin was back (And Rummy) today.

Pauline, Wayne, Mum and I at Carol’s and Earl’s today. Mary (Yett) as well. She left a potted tomato and basil on my doorstep! Thank you

Have a good week all.

Loretta Mucha just caught up with me! The Little School House Museum is having their servicemen at 11am. Salute. South Bay is having a barbecue. They have invited me to do a book signing as well. Thank you so much. Please if you have some family history to add to their day they would appreciate it!