Tehkummah Talk and Times

At Pierside this Saturday morning, September 4, a beautiful young lady waited on me (for the second time). So today I asked her name, Dave introduced me to Linda, Justine’s fiancé, apparently Dave is retiring?? Kind of, and the young folk are taking over the business. I have my at least once a year visit with Dave. It’s always a pleasure, and a little visit with Brandon. I didn’t know Elaine was working there (bank retired). I sat out on the lovely patio and had my breakfast (all by myself), enjoyed the morning calm of the water, and pleasant sun of the day. The scent of petunias from the window boxes behind me. (Lots of lovely plants around). I waved goodbye to the Chi-Cheemaun, smooth sailing today. Jean (Livingston) her son Bill and Beryl headed for home in Hamilton. Was nice to get a few small visits in this week at the market, at Garden Shed on Friday. Mum, Susan and I, Melissa joined us, and treated too. I’m always lucking out, the Livingston gang was at the next table. Well what a lovely interruption, Caroline and her hubby John just stopped to say hello, I’ve met her finally, received nice cards and notes, good to put a face with the name. Marg Reckahn is visiting me on the patio and Laurence stops by as well, a bit of a breeze to temper the sunshine while we visit on Thursday. Our Red Hat group “The Southern Bells” met at General. This is the new restaurant in Sandfield. They are in the midst of renovations. (Busy patio, I say, Cal just stops by.) Well here we are for the first time around, at the Second Time Around in Providence Bay!” Checked it out, then I had a great sausage on a bun, and wore my sauerkraut with flair. Try to eat one of those gracefully in a moving truck, with the seatbelt on. Enough leftovers down my neck for a midnight snack!!

3pm and I’m back home again writing. My Red Hat associates, Helen, Carolyn, Laura, Betty, Janine, Joan, Mum and I.

Euchre scores Thursday: men’s high, Graham, 73 and 5 lone hands; men’s low, Glenn, 41; ladies’ high, Sheila 80; ladies’ lone hands, Linda B., 4; ladies’ low, Brenda, 42; door prize, “ME”!!

We met 41, I counted, motorcycles all in a heap (well not exactly) on the Providence Road. Here it is Sunday, I’m in bed waiting not too long since I dropped Mum off. We stopped at Susan and Simon’s on our way home, and had a game of cribbage. Susan and Mum beat Simon and me two to one.

I had dropped Cal off prior. We had been to Green Acres for our supper, it was delish. Roast beef buffet (some of us had). We celebrated Ray and Tara’s twelfth wedding anniversary. Skylar, Grandma Marg, (Reckahn) who came on Friday, Sherry and Dave, a lot of fun. Said hello to a few folks I knew up there, Alvern, I forgot to offer sympathy to Jean McCulligh, Ken, and her family.

Heard wolves howling, coyotes yipping the last couple of nights. In Anstice field below me here, too close for comfort.

The back to school time is upon us. Some of the older students are already packed and gone to their respective colleges or universities. Sometimes I wish—— watch for students!!

On Saturday evening Cal and I went to Carol’s and Earl’s. We shared a visit and table space with Evelyn and Beulah, and Joan and Gus, that was very nice.

I had a pretty lazy day, I didn’t get dressed till almost noon, sat out in the AM and had a nice visit with Marg. She and Ray had boxes of fresh picked shitake mushrooms in the early morning.

Cal and Barb came along and we sat out under the birch tree visiting. I had a nap, and cooked me a good supper and went to Bingo. How lazy can I get??

Happy Birthday Reigan McGauley (great-great niece). Happy Birthday Jacob Bebamash (my great grandson). Happy Birthday Tory Hall (grandson) Derek (son) Laurence (friend), Jim Anstice (neighbour).

Lyle made the observation that people who eat bacon don’t live long (another research I’m sure). This made at the Garden Shed on Tuesday morning when we met there to commemorate the “99” year olds! We had our breakfast bought for us by Lori and Paul (he’s Italian and likes to feed people), these folk from Providance Bay. We seem to constantly luck out. Couple of topics, farming, old tractors, milking and “Lime Kill or Kiln (is either proper?) Susan and Simon, Lyle, me and our honored ladies Mum and Audrie. Lots of photos taken after our breakfast. We met Laurie’s new adorable little dog Abby. Gail was our waitress. This for them is wind down. Their last day for this year was September 11. We’re going to miss the stop at this most beautiful spot. “Thanks so much Lyle.” (A mosquito attacked me as I write).

Lyle says the Mutchmor in Prov has had a very busy season so far. I still haven’t made that stop yet!

“Listen to the music of the falling rain,” and I listen as the drops from the eaves create the drumbeat on my music-cans. Sounds lovely, only heard once before this summer, and our summer temperatures continue. Nice to see those yellow buses in action once again.

Cribbage scores, nice turnout still, eight tables. High hand, Rick, 24; first, Dorothy and Lois, 943; second, Del and Audrie, 935; third, Janet and Betty Jean, 933; low, Edgar and Rita, 782; door, Audrie and Doris.

I had decided for the fist time this year to take in the Sandfield euchre, a lot of fun. In the afternoon we paired up/caught up, with Glenna and Noreen, four times! A lot of laughs. I got two “twenty hands”, surely, that was a higher number than 24??

Played a few games with Mum after, but she won, sent me home with supper tho!

Euchre Tehkummah September 8: men’s high, Dave Nelder, 83 and lones 2; men’s low, Graham, 46; ladies high, Annette, 75 and lones 5; ladies’ low, Shirley Nelder, 44; skunks, Marg Case and Laurence; door,??

Today catching me at Mum’s, (I even double skunked her) was Joan Barr of Tilsonburg. She and hubby Don are staying at “Mac’s Camp”. She wanted one of my books signed. “They read me” they met Riley and Mum too.

Reg and Noreen Leeson are celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary at the Tehkummah Triangle Hall on September 17. A come and go tea from 1 – 4 pm (no gifts please). Annette said she hit two skunks going home from Sandfield euchre on Wednesday eve. They must have been descented!! Well I finally made it, on Friday, Pat Falter picked me up, we went to the market then out to Garden Shed for breakfast. After, off to the Mutchmor in Prov where I met Pat and we sat out on the (new garden) stones and admired and absorbed that super mural. Mathew joined us for a few minutes, said he had a wonderful and busy summer. Now closed for the season (restaurant). Inside the store is a feast for the eyes. There is so much to see and admire. Too much to take in all at once. I sat and chatted with Pat at her summer home, before I headed for home. On our way home from Garden Shed we stopped to see the millions (I’m not lying) of white cabbage butterflies in the canola on the 10th Sideroad. You had to see it to believe it.

Saturday AM; twice since midnight the coyotes woke me, heard a wolf howling too.

Breakfast at Garden Shed with Sherry and Skylar, in to Manitowaning to watch the Fall Fair Parade, a lot of antique cars, one antique lady, “Jean”. Lots of horses and riders, we just got there in time. A trip back to far garden and camp, (only my second time in this year). They’ve done a lot of work there. (I have a bad case of the itchy foot lately). So Cal and I went to Carol’s and Earl’s for supper, then a nice visit with Sherry and Dave. I came home from there with Tara. Cool temps this Sunday morning. Busy again, today Heritage Day at the Museum in South Baymoouth. A lovely service where a serviceman were acknowledged. Diane and Dawn McKenzie presented their uncle’s (Bert Barker) medals to the museum (he lived at South Baymouth for years too.) A 21 gun salute twice to recognize some. Quite a few stopped by my book signing. Very nice to visit too. It was good to feel the warmth of the car. Mum beat me again at cards. Later supper with Gib and Florence at Carol’s and Earl’s, and card game at Cal’s where the gals almost double skunked them but the guys beat eight games.

Congratulations to Daisy Moise who is our Citizen of the Year for Tehkummah Township.