Tehkummah Talk and Times

Analyze Me?

I’ve been well psychoanalyzed over the years

By listing my problems, worries and fears.

I’ve told you of toads I have in my house

And spoken to you of my odd problem mouse.

I can’t put out poisons because of my cats,

And I won’t spray the spiders, same reason as that.

I talk of my family or places I call,

Occasions attended at Tehkummah Hall.

I tell you of Sundays and after church bunch

And how we all meet at the restaurant for lunch.

I speak of the cards, when I can’t win for losing,

My garden, the wildlife, and things quite confusing.

You follow my illnesses and my despair,

While the cards and the notes tell me you care.

Perhaps when I meet you, you tell me you read

Of my occasional falls, mistakes or misdeed.

I’m so glad to hear you enjoy what I write —

The strange things I do, or my fears of the night

But writing as comfort has kept me alive —

My way to cope and to barely survive.

Thanks to the Expositor, they let me be me.

So analyze if you must,

But it’s my therapy.

– Pat Hall

September 24, 2016

Some days are way more interesting than others. Today (Tuesday), I got my laundry ready to go to the laundromat and here it is almost 8 pm and it’s still here in the middle of my floor.

Ginger looked really sick so I ran to the nearest for help and advice, home, and phoned the Island Animal Hospital. If I hurried they could fit me in right away. I had to see my own Vet “ER” Doc today too, so I checked in after my appointment and they would keep her overnight! Tara needed a cat carrier today too, so I got that back in time.

I went to the birthday party at the hall today. There was a nice crowd of music lovers. Lyle and Harold Dewar, Gord Greenough and Peter Tilston were on stage. They’re getting better all the time! Mum and I both sang a song. A good lunch was served after the birthday song and cake and ice cream. Birthday people were Harold, Mary, Margaret C., Jenine and Laurene.

I sat outside and visited. My gladiolas are so tall and beautiful. I hope the frost doesn’t get them before they all bloom. I had a dark purple and two lavender and white ones in a vase on the table.

We all sang Happy Birthday to Laurene at Bingo.

Rick got his hard cast on today, Monday, September 26. He had a bit of an accident! Broken bone in his hand.

It’s bad enough when you wake up in the night for the usual reason, but when you hear the rain dripping from the roof, you really, really have to hurry and because I’m still dizzy and have to orient myself, it’s been a bit dicey! Saw 5 am on the clock again. What is it with me and not sleeping now? I’m tired of being tired. I’m tired of being dizzy. I’m tired of being itchy. I’m tired of my hands and feet feeling electrified and numb. Where/when does it all go away? No wonder I feel like running away! Not that I can escape me? (or run).

Did you know when on the news/weather and they speak of the GTA that they are referring to us here in downtown Tehkummah! Now I have forgotten who pointed this out to me, but…

Hey good news? Not really. Bad news. I found a half of a toad outside my front door. Some animal must have been doing some spitting. My cats never did bother them inside, so I wonder? Kinda sad.

Don’t think about it. I mean, do think about it. There’s less than a month until the Sr. UCW Christmas Tea.

The Ambulance and First Response were at Betty and Eric Russell’s today. Mary heard what she thought was a cat crying, to find Eric hung up somehow in the loft.

We later found that a spring on an overhead door had released and trapped Eric doing some injury and damage to his arm. Hope it is soon healed!

I was at Mum’s and she was beating me at cribbage. Skunk even!

Tehkummah cribbage results from Wednesday: high hand, Irene Montgomery, 24; first, Lois and Dorothy, 958; second, Ken and Patrysha, 933; third, Ted and Dorothy, 933; low, Cal and Pat, 840; door, Betty, Del and Lois.

Laurene and I went to the Sandfield euchre later. Ladies’ high, Rose; men’s high, Gord; door, Annette. That’s all I remember.

Mum and I had gone to Sandfield for supper too. A most delicious roast beef sub sandwich.

Euchre results from Thursday with 4 3/4 tables: ladies’ high, Rose, 76; ladies’ lone hands, Tina, 5; ladies’ low, Eva, 55; men’s high, Fay, 88 with 7 lone hands (she also won the door); men’s low, Graham, 48.

Faye is back staying with her sister Laurene here in downtown Tehkummah.

Mum and I went to Mindemoya earlier in the day and did some shopping. We had lunch at the Grill and Chill. I like our waitress there!

We met Jim Beech and Bob Eadie in Foodland. Bob was canning, I think. Nice guys. I met Dave’s mom Lynn, a new South Baymouth resident.

As the fall colour is starting to brighten up the roadsides we drove home on Highway 542. It’s always colourful first in the Big Lake area. So we got stopped, a police ride check. I blew my breath, we had just drunk coffee! The police folk are always friendly.

Another interesting day in the life of me! It all started with a late rising. Blame it on the dark morning and the shortened daylight hours. A quick shower, snack, and “I’m On The Road Again.” Just call me Willie! First stop was at Sis Susan’s. I’ve been having sister withdrawal. She’s been busy helping the relatives a bit at their new purchase. Simon’s nephew Chuck and Liz bought Jim Little/Dodd’s McCauley/Van Veerzen/Nelder place as I recall it historically? So congratulations and welcome to our Tehkummah Township! Chuck’s mom, Mary, has been helping out too. Furniture came last weekend.

My next stop was Green Acres for a so named delish chicken burger and coffee. On to Little Current where I saw a great big cruise ship called Victory (I think) and local tour buses waiting to show folks the sights. I checked out a couple of stores, Outpost (new to me), Dreamer’s Cove. Too tired to shop. The Needle Box and finished my tour by visiting Elaine at the Bridgeway Motel. Got a nice hug there. She is one of my longest fans. I didn’t want to say oldest! Stopped in Manitowaning and cashed in my lottery tickets (15 whole dollars). I tried again. Bought a bright orange Cinderella pumpkin at Freshmart to add to my display out front. So far, I add about one thing a day. It might be nice by Thanksgiving.

Had skeddi and meatballs for supper. Free from my sister, compliments of Mary.

Oh, I stopped and skunked Mum today. When she won one I went home!

When Call called I was just thinking of going to the camp. I picked him up on the way. Dave and Sprocket (the dog) were visiting Sherry and Jacob, who were having a weekend. It was cosy—new stove working well. I drove home with the windshield wipers trying to keep up. It was a dark and stormy night! Now I’ve written two pages worth, with a cat snoring on top of me. “To be continued”

Said hello to Judy and Bob Blue. He looks well.

“Caroline Boone” message gratefully received!

Communion Sunday Worldwide. As usual we gathered at Carol’s and Earl’s afterward for the friendly communion! (Not that our church isn’t friendly.) Nice to see Norma (nee Thomas) and Rick to say hello today.

Faye, yes I do want a copy of that sermon including my “March Morning” poem. Thanks!

I skunked Mum fairly good today. She repaid and I was only one away! (Poetry too, darn it!)

I think it’s strange. In the morning I was going through my Family Reunion (July 19, 2003) photo album and admiring the hat that Fronnie wore. I didn’t spell her name that way, but the way my Aunt (Dad’s sister) did her name was Sophronia/M’Cauley/

Boyd. Her hat had a tiger on top. She must have won the prize for the most creative. Don’t I make stories long? But I don’t know if I saw Phronnie after that. The years go by, families lose touch, I spent a lot of time with them when I worked in Little Current. Was that only about 65 years ago? Sympathy to all the family in their loss. She was a dear girl.

Martin announced the death of Glen Cond in church. Sympathy to Cora and all the family.