Tehkummah Talk and Times

Had a quick roadside visit today with Elaine LePage, and she tells me I’m soon to have a new neighbour, that will be nice.

Barb (Bowerman) came by for a little sit down visit. She’s always in a hurry, that girl, but I’m always happy to see her.

I never speak of my outside visits on the nice days, when Tara, and usually Skylar, if she’s not too busy, sit on my patio with me and the cats.

Today in the mail from BC, I got some more of my cousin (through marriage) Darrell’s wonderful artwork. Mum and I got a lot of neat stuff. He doesn’t see us, just hears about us, and draws. Talked this morning to my sister Peg on the phone. I asked her if she was sitting down (she thought bad news) I thought, shock of hearing from me! She lives in Guelph.

Darn, I didn’t know Joseph Boyden was on the Island. I would have liked to meet him. He’s quite the writer.

Mum has a beautiful bouquet of roses and butterfly bush on her table from Pauline’s garden.

In this world of “ours” we have so much to be “Thankful” for. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you all.

Here it is deadline day, by the front page of The Expositor, and I am trying to think backwards. I do know I have had a very winning (and skunking) week against my Mum. I love beating her as it seems she always sends me home with goodies of one kind or the other. Hey I just thought of this. I wonder if she’s trying to “bribe” me to let her win (oh probably not!) I’m sitting out in the early morning heat (and it’s hot) of the sun. Hard to believe it’s October and Thanksgiving.

So I hope yours was great, we have much to be thankful for. We live in a beautiful part of the world, steam/mist rising, squirrels and birds chirping, cats fussing around my legs.

I hitched a ride last evening to Sandfield euchre with Betty Jean. She won the door prize. Andy was men’s high with 83 I think or was that Irene (Montgomery) or was she higher? I should carry a notebook, you’d think? I let my tea cool too much then nuked it so it’s now the other way.

We had ten tables for cribbage, a super terrific lot of folk enjoy these outings. High hand, Glenn, 24; first Dorothy A and Lois, 966; second, Cal and I, 955; third, Graham and Sheila, 932; low Glenda and Betty, 753; door, Ken P, Mary, Patrysha and Marg Case.

Wednesday morning, a meeting with Knox Church (Martin’s office) a discussion, health, ourselves, communications and the church. Families today are they so busy. Things have changed, and the way we all put different values in things today.

I’m just looking at my sage plants. It’s time for picking and drying. I guess I’m behind on all my harvesting. I just took the deepest breath and said, Aah its so beautiful, soak up the fall colour, as I think we may get tired of “Winter White” before Spring! Margaret (Case) just popped across the road to sit with me in my patch of sunshine, and have a wee visit. “It” has been seen in many fall harvest displays in Tehkummah Township and on face (or no face) book!! I guess because of the “dry” weather nasturtiums are just coming up now under the maple I planted ‘em last spring!

Darn Mum skunked me by one point and beat me two to further humiliate me!! Not my day!! Or my night. I challenged her after euchre, we played two more games, I lost em! 4 3/4 tables at euchre: men’s high, Ruth, 91 and 5 lone hands; low, John N, 47; ladies high, Tina, 77 and five lone hands (me too, but lost on the cut); ladies’ low, Lori, 52; door, Graham; skunks, Graham and Pauline.

Harvey brought me a puffball. I had already helped myself to one growing on the municipal lawn. It’s good too. There were loads of them growing in the grave yard, but I didn’t fancy picking them from there somehow? I noticed them on Tuesday. I went down to Glen Cond’s burial, and perhaps it was the warmest I’ve ever been in that spot, gentle wind, sun on our backs, wild geese calling in the distance. Beautiful scenic fall colours. A peaceful place. Went to the Knox church hall for the luncheon afterwards and sat with Eileen Leeson there, gave Donna a ride up the hill before the graveside service.

Cleo likes the lap of the headless horseman ( I call him). Looks kind of cute sleeping there for hours. He’s sitting in a chair out front and his head is not visible. He’s Tara’s scarecrow from last year’s fall display.

Peepers peeing sounded like Spring last evening and this morning (Friday).