Tehkummah Talk and Times

Raymond Chatwell, I hear, is sporting a shiner. Take it easy there, met up with a road he didn’t like.

A busy week for me in Mindemoya three days in a row. When are they going to put stoplights in at the corner? That could be a dangerous spot!! Monday did laundry and blood work, found Loretta Sauder working at Mum’s, had breakfast with Faye, did I remember right? From Kagawong, nice lady. (Home, cards with Mum.) Tuesday, brakes fixed in the a.m., shopped about, lunch at the Grill and Chill, delish, as we Tara, Skylar and I did on Wednesday again when I had my Teleconference appointment with Dr. Shekata. Tara went in with me, but I might make it a week or two yet!

Stopped in at cribbage, eight tables again, doing well. A couple of games with Mum after she whooped me!

I’m singing myself lullabies in the middle of the night. I’ve got to get turned around. Instead of wanting to sleep in, in the morning.

Four tables for euchre Thursday in Tehkummah: Bev and Richard on K.P. duty. Men’s high, Janet, 83; lone hands, Gib, 4; low, Simon, 50; ladies high, Marg, 74; 4 lone hands; ladies’ low, Sheila and Anna, 53; Door?

Get well soon Janeen (Phillips) who had surgery this week.

I met the most interesting lady, Diana, after the Knox rummage sale. I went to Loco Beanz for a good bagel with cream cheese and coffee. While at the sale talked to Heli. She had done a local radio interview with me quite a few years back, hadn’t seen her since, I don’t think! Boy, they had lots of stuff to browse through.

Notes this week from Helen O, contained a note from her friend who is enjoying my book. Also a beautiful card from Elaine Viola note! Tara, Skylar and I gave Ed Haggith a ride to Mindemoya with us, he walks a lot. Did you ever wonder why he has everything marked with blue paint, his bush trails, trees too? It’s because it is a colour he can see with his fading vision. Says he has bought 47 gallons of it the past few years!

Had the most laughs tonight as the girls played cribbage. Incidentally Susan and I are taking our game on the road! We won five of seven, of course having a “remember when” session after, sparked a lot of humorous memories. Girls night out too, we had the most delicious roast beef dinner at the Sandfield Kitchen!! Mum, Pauline, Susan and I. Try it, you’ll like/love it. Earlier in the day I went to Barney’s and Laurene was co-pilot. We had a coffee at Loco Beanz after, where I got to say hello to Jane Fletcher.

Hey, I was only going to do two shoeboxes this year, but four are ready to go, as of today, didn’t get anything else done though!

Went to euchre (what a cold evening it was until Marg and Laurene), nice to climb into a warm car. Winners at Sandfields final of the season. “A family affair.” Dot was ladies’ high, I remember, Dave James, back in town, had his name on the board a few times. Sharon too, anyway a fun evening. I’ve really enjoyed these past few weeks, cards at Sandfield.

Euchre tournament, Triangle Club, winter program starts on Thursday, November 3, 1:30 pm (afternoon) (two weeks later will be evening at 7:30 pm).

Cribbage scores, 8 tables: high hands, Barb and Sheila, 24; first, Keith and Lori, 937; second, Barb and Georgina, 928; third, Patryshia and Laura, 923; low, Cal and Audrie; door, Hugh, Glenna and Sheila.

On Tuesday at the Grill and Chill, I had lunch with Joan, Rita, and Laurene, we visited actually.

Sandra and Samson are on the Island this week visiting her mum and dad, Lois and Don Arnold.

Didn’t know whether I should put the frying pan on the stove and get it warmed up or not. Ray’s away moose hunting this week, but then I think back, don’t know if I ever got a moose steak??

Now who told me about a giant horned owl with a broken wing (somebody saved it, I think Cal and I went to Carol’s and Earl’s for our supper. Jack/Greenway) and Anita visited with us. Lorrie was our waitress. We visited Dave, Sherry and the kids? We’re at the camp.

Well no moose steak, Ray came home Saturday night.

Mum trounced me good, two skunks today after church. I go home head hanging low!! Church as always, one never knows what Martin has lined up for us. Today he was on the road again. He’d been everywhere, we get to sing along, all because his sermon on Paul and the everywhere (he sang all those names, he had been his preaching and teaching.) Bible study Thursday afternoon at Lynda and Martin’s home. A few of us gathered at Carol’s and Earl’s after church. Kathy, Terry, Pauline, Wayne, Simon, Mum and I.