Tehkummah Talk and Times

Cribbage had seven tables: high hands, Lyla, Ruth (McG), Bill (C), Pat; first, Sheila and Graham, 957; second, Freda and Doris, 925; third, Cal and Pat (me), 924; low, Ruth and Bill, 859; door, Pat (me), Lori and Mary.

Euchre tournament had six and a half tables: first, Lori and Rick, 82; second, Graham and Sheila, 77; third, Hugh and Lyla, 72; Eila and Donna 71; Graham and Sheila, 6 lone hands; low, Lois and Anna, 48; door, Janet.

I play cards with Mum every day, and I won today!!

Wednesday evening Mum and I went to Sandfield Kitchen for a turkey dinner, delicious. I had lemon pie, Mum had coconut cream.

Ed and Shirley Sagle came in and shared table space, we had a good visit. Wendy and Darrell and Betty Jean and Bill also enjoyed the home cooking, fresh biscuits too.

We had about eighteen costumed trick or treaters at our door Monday evening. Harvest Glory decorations disappeared as if by magic last week.

The Halloween party at the hall, I think, had as many adults dressed up as young folk. Almost everyone won a prize?? Lori (Gordon) did an excellent job of keeping the games going for the young and old. They always finish with a candy scramble, and snacks, and refreshments. Thank you Jr. U.C.W.

Cal was in for a few minutes on Thursday evening. I had finally finished up shoeboxes (5) and gathered some touch and take and door prizes for our Saturday tea, etc. Started my baking but played out!

An Armistice Remembrance Day will be at Tehkummah hall on November 11, 11am, with refreshments after the service.

An early morning phone call from Derek in Mackenzie, BC. Just to give me an update on their goings on, and I try to remember what is going on here.

He tells me, Don and Betty King (of Elliot Lake) are to celebrate 63 years of marriage. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary folks! Hello, Pat Leeson and Calvin, while speaking of this area!

Betty Jean gave everyone a scare when she had a car accident on Friday. Glad to hear all was well with you! I hear Brian Wilboughby is hospitalized in Sudbury.

Sunday after church, Mum and I caught up with Martin and Lynda, and Simon, at Sandfield Kitchen. I had forgotten to give Martin the (5) shoeboxes I had ready to go. Our sermon was kind of (politically?) based on church, our influence, and the changes there may be after the States Tuesday election??? Interesting.

I thought when I got home Sherry told me Kim was here so I called Cal and woke him from his nap. Just as I picked him up, Kim drove into Cal’s yard. He was heading home already yet (he and dog Toulin arrived Friday night). We had a short conversation and he left, so I said “Come on” to Cal and we drove and drove a circle tour looking at the brilliant yellow to dull gold of the Tamaracks everywhere. Aren’t they showier this time of year? Hwy 6 to 542, Main to West Bay, a couple of little side tours, to Little Current. Stopped at Green Acres for a bite and refreshment, then back to Cal’s. He drove from there. Three games of cribbage, I lost two? And home again, that hour clock change makes it dark early (I saw twelve o’clock come twice last night!!) Pretty skyline, as was the morning red sky sunrise.

We saw Rick and Judy, who were heading home to South Baymouth from their niece’s baptism (a lovely ceremony) then saw Reuben and Jeneen who was looking a bit pale after her surgery earlier this week (She said she was doing good!) or was that last week? Anyway I fell asleep in my Lazy Girl chair and went to bed about midnight, I was watching a good movie too (the Christmas ones are on already). I’m reading now the Christmas Secret, but then I see it’s coming on TV Sunday night. I could have saved my eyes?

Once again a very successful Christmas tea, bake sale, bazaar, touch’n take and draws. I have to thank you all for the hard work and the wonderful donations we receive each year from many of our supporters and also to those who enjoy the fruits of our labours. The sandwiches and delicious trays of desserts.

Special thanks to Kathy, Lori, Sherry and Skylar, who I hear was a wonderful help. And of course, our members, who all work their duffs off. (I know I’m getting too old for this!) On Tuesday we decorated the hall, Lorna, Robert (the high wire acts) Richard and Wayne (the tree) the rest of us decorating the side walls and putting fancy stuff together.

I always think it’s too early, but it’s great to see it behind us (our members, Mum, Audrie, Lorna (Pres) (Treasurer) Bev, Pauline, Reta, Joan, Noreen, Diane, Lynda). It’s a pleasure to work with you all.

Audrie’s really birthday is coming up on the 15th, “100”. Happy Birthday. Our Meldrum Bay ladies make the drive for every tea.

Door Prizes: Kids Sr. U.C.W: Faer O’Leary, Katana, Kali, Piper, Sunday O’Leary. Door Prizes Adults: Susan McC, candle; Isus Normere, tea; Lynn Pickard, good luck stone; Caril Love, bag of goodies; Rita Gordon, squares; Elaine Lepage, tea mug; Myrna Clark, ornament/tree; Joan Sagle, tea towel; Marilyn Harasym, fern; Simon, plaque; Margaret McCarthy, candle and holder; Clayton Vanhorn, ornaments.

Main draws Fairview Sr. U.C.W.: Tis the Season book, Pat Hall; Christmas egg, Pauline Martin; penguin (singing), Pat Hall; kissing dolls, Adele Sagle; coasters and bird treats, Jaqueline Bryant; preserves, Adele Sagle; Christmas wreath, Noreen Leeson; Christmas wine glasses, Pauline Martin; Christmas snowflake dishes, Nancy Sagle; snowman, Shirley Sagle; Old world Santa, Elaine McLoud; Corn sorter, David Samuels; Pine wreath, Simon Geroward; afghan, Adele Sagle; deer candle holder, Joan Beard; Christmas ball wreath, Lois Newton; penguin and baby, Elaine Bosje; kid’s gift box, Angela Fenton; cats placemats, Pat Hall; mug and plate set, Susan McCauley; grocery draw, Mildred Kelly; Christmas gift basket, Janice Phillips. After the draws I thanked everyone for their ongoing support each year, and for the wonderful draw donations. We sure appreciate you all.

Jr. U.C.W. draws: cookie draw, Ruth Tarr; packsack, Joan Beard; throw, Audrey Case; dog basket, Joan VanEvery; cookie basket, Joan Kay; preserves, Shirley Sagle. “Thank you” Linda Bowerman, speaks on behalf of Jr. U.C.W.