Tehkummah Talk and Times

I’m guessing winter caught us unaware. What a quick change overnight from 16 degrees on Friday into the serious minus degrees.

As of Tuesday evening Steve had the biggest buck at the camp!

What a fun couple of hours, a Tiki game took quite a while to get through. Wayne, Tory, Steve, Jacob, Sherry, Gail, Kim, Pauline, Mum and I. (John and Travis in bed). Wayne 97, Kim 99, Pauline 104. The rest of us were way higher than that! Gail had come out to Mum’s while I was there and we got into three-handed cribbage and each won a game. I did get skunked though. Earlier Mum beat me two of three. Pauline invited us to supper, was it ever delicious (Gail had brought the chicken). Rosie came today and we got some cupboards cleaned (the higher ones).

Wednesday, 8 tables for cribbage: high hand, 24’s, Theresa and Simon; first, Eugene and Dorothy, 957; second, Rose and Theresa, 943; third, Jean and Mary, 925; low, Cal and Audrie, 835; door, Florence and Jean Mc, wooden heart.

(News from Malen) Shawn and Meagan Sauder were very lucky with three bucks, a six, an eight, and a ten pointer, in a half an hour’s hunt, Tuesday morning.

Well, it’s ten thirtyish and we just left sister Susan and Simon’s home, finishing up with three games of cribbage. Mum and Paula winning all three. Paula finished with a 24 hand to confirm Simon had gone to bed and we outstayed all the guests though Simon was dimming the lights earlier. Their home decorated in turquoise and white balloons and puffy flowers and tablecloths, and “100” helium balloons on the table. Surprise was yelled when Mum walked in, we were testing her heart. About two dozen family and friends. Kim, Martin and Lori played guitars, sang, and led sing-alongs. Rick sang a song that was written by Susan twenty? years ago (for one of Mum‘s other parties) to the tune of the Ballad of Jed Clampett.

(You had to see this to believe it.) Gail had made another of her delicious appetizer trays. Lots of socializing, Susan had a video of photos of family through the years, not without its emotional minutes. (From another of Mum’s parties.) Soon after, the food and more was presented and delicious it was, birthday cake and song. Scads of photos (cameras all around.) Lynda, Steve, Pauline, Wayne, Sherry, Dave, Helen, Dorothy, Bev, Richard, Paula, Chris, Audrie. The music as always was wonderful. A game of Tiki, Susan won that, which was after the crowd had dispersed. (By at least half) gift and card opening. Two bouquets of flowers from Val and Darrell (the artist) in Powell River, and from Bryce, Heather, Brody and Benson (Grandson and Greats) from Brampton.

Well, I’ve been standing on the corner watching the boys go by, and I’ve been remembering just “the way you look tonight” while “dreaming of a white Christmas”, what voices, and of course we always consider ourselves at home at Knox. Wasn’t that a fabulous evening? The dinner was wonderful but the music and entertainment “Fantastic”. As an event, that was very special. Part (again) of Mum’s birthday celebration. Our table: Pauline, Susan, Chris, Mum, Sherry, Martin and Lynda, and I. Pauline and I were also draw winners (we traded, knives, for a hairstyling brush, which I would never use.) Thank you for the entertainment, great cooks and servers, and a special thank you to the Burns Wharf players and Marilyn, once again, “you done good!!”

I could have got my own deer this week, though it was still dark, 5a.m. and I may have needed a lasso, but it was right at my back door.

Well, I’m going to have to give up writing my column, cause somehow the translations aren’t all coming out right (maybe I should have learned computer?) My handwriting?

The first advent candle lit Sunday, the candle of “Hope” and sermon on hopes, dreams.

We went to Sandfield Kitchen for our lunch, Joan, Mum and I. Susan joined Simon and us. Martin and Lynda, Laurene and Joan sat nearby.

Cal said he had a visit with Lloyd Sunday, and he is looking well! (Sounds good).

Liz Stillwaugh visited Mum on Saturday. They share the same birthdate.

Sympathy to the friends and family of Stella MacDougal. She was a great friend, community and church member, also to our Triangle Club’s early years.

Just watched the back end of a movie, no doubt I’ll see the other part soon enough as the Christmas movies seen to be on steady these days, be sick of them by Christmas?

Christmas Fair in Tehkummah Saturday, December 3. Pancake Breakfast with Santa Sunday the 4th. Museum (South Baymouth), Christmas Carols Sunday, December 11, 2pm. (That’s all the ads so far I think?)

We had supper tonight at Carol’s and Earl’s Restaurant, McKenzie family across from us, Tara, Ray, Skylar too. Dennis on the other side, lots of visiting time. We drove home the long way. Keith and Barb (Flaherty) were just heading across to their home from Beulahs, so when we stopped to say hello, they invited us in, coffee and zucchini cake and pictures and books, “wow” sure was interesting on their trip to China a month ago. A really nice visit, full of information! I would say they enjoyed it!

Our camp I think did pretty well, Kim got an 8-point buck on Thursday, Jacob got his first deer on Wednesday. Tory came from Ottawa for the hunt; for the first time too, loved it! I think they had a super time playing cards and eating. Pauline cooked the usual wild turkey on Tuesday, and then she and Gail went back for supper. Gail even got up in a tree stand (second choice). She’s coming again next year!

A phone call last week from Sister Mollie in Winnipeg. She has settled into an apartment our there. She sounds happy.

I’m into poetry writing mode again, plus a Christmas song, oh well. Don’t forget next Thursday is the afternoon euchre tournament in Tehkummah. Oh my gosh isn’t it time to write the Christmas cards (again?) and I thought last week was busy. Have a great week all and thank you “Lord” for all the blessings this past week has provided. (Again)