Tehkummah Talk and Times

Mary Ann and Jennifer have been my nurses this week, assisted by Rita and Helen, and meals from the neighbours and sisters, I’m doing fine.

Delayed my chemo a week again. I’m still trying to recuperate from the fall. (Dizzier than usual, folks). Jan McQuay was in and left me a gift, sorry to miss her, but we had a good chat on the phone later.

I had almost missed a doctor’s appointment in Mindemoya, Susan drove me up. I saw Ashley (Killens) and Tara. Laurene was in with delicious tender green onions and a jar of rhubarb strawberry jam. She’s been yard saling! I hear we have a turkey (really) that interferes with traffic. So the turkey won the car debate and the road ownership issue.

I got a nice phone call from Pat Falter on Thursday. They are looking forward to a visit with family in Calgary. Phone call from both of my boys this week. Derek says he’s walking 4 miles a day (sounds good?) Kim’s getting his exercise with work and his garden and fighting blackflies (oh yeah, Derek said he came home soaked, the sky opened). Jodi is to have surgery on her back in July.

We were talking to Roland, asking him about the bison. Bet you didn’t know there were any in Tehkummah.

Toad is walking across the floor so as a concerned parent I wonder is there not enough bugs in my house? Seems unlikely but? So I open the door to outside, but he’s/she’s not interested at all in that resource.

Somebody special is having a birthday on June 12th, now if I could just remember who it is. Tristen was 37? on June 2.

Sitting outside admiring cardinal and wren song Saturday morning. Beautiful sunshine. Had leftover pizza and fish and chips combo breakfast? Tasted good!

Cal took me in to Sharlene’s fish and chips for supper, a nice drive down Lakeshore Road to admire the scenery and blooming trees (choke cherry, lilac, apple). I always admire Daisy and Robert Moise lovely roadside garden. We ended up at Cal’s where he beat me two (very close) of three cribbage games. It’s because I had almost forgot how to play, it’s been so long. Anyway I was home here before dark. Wasn’t too long until I was in my beddy bye, boy, I sure do sleep a lot! A busy day for me!

Mary Yett came in and brought a shepherds pie, short visit, she and David were mulching cedar trees!

Dorothy was in with the cribbage scores. 7 2/3 tables. High hand, Joy, 24; first, Simm and Marg, 939; second, Gib and Florence, 918; third, Joy and Bert, 908; low, Mary and Jean, 835; door; Rick, Sheila and Edgar.

While in hospital my roommate was Judy for a while. Her son Darcy had some beautiful photography pictures he sells. Mary Case came in, not doing so well and spent time in hospital.

My ambulance partner, Francine, we cat scanned to Sudbury together with three ambulance transfers. Got back to the hospital at two am. Poor girl had to listen to me moan and groan. She had fallen and hit her head too. Went home from hospital, back in for another Sudbury trip, but good results (nice girl).

Sympathy to the family of Mary Lou who died suddenly this past week.

We went to Carol’s and Earl’s for our supper joining Gib and Florence. We all met at Cal’s later for some good cribbage games. Florence and I got skunked first, but we redeemed ourselves well. Fog was starting to settle by the time I got home.