Tehkummah Talk and Times

On Monday evening I attended a Look Good, Feel Better program, this is sponsored by many cosmetic companies. We each got our own kit, valued between $300 to $500, depending on the sponsors for that session. Three nice girls helped us with our kits, and our make up. I have to tell you we were lovely! Our kits were pink, and the volunteers were in pink aprons. Some had 5-year pins! The speaker had been in it since 2004. The girls-Diane, Diane, and Barb. Wednesday evening music started at 6:30. There were three draws, Judy Long, a girl who never wins, won! The band’s name, “Country Classic.” Omar St Amant, mouth organ, Jaw harp, washboard, etc. and a great dancer as well, CDs too. Claude Rainville, Fiddle; Giles Bedard, guitar and vocals; Fern Desmaris, guitar, bass, keyboard and vocals. Lots of singing along. They entertained in our dining area “good stuff.” Tuesday I won a couple of prizes at bingo. I don’t think anyone goes away without a prize in hand.

Happy Birthday, Helen Oswald! How could I forget!?

Today, Wednesday, I met Shirley Wilson in the craft room at the Lodge. She is married to a Tehkummah lad (Maitland). This will be a short week, as I can go home tomorrow and my appointment is early too (unless they change it today. Everything is subject to change.) Yesterday while awaiting my turn I sat with the lady who volunteered and was my first chemo assistant. Her husband was walking; he needed another go at the machine, a sign of times I guess. I had a recall too, after drinking more water. I gotta say, it’s interesting. Lots of great folks, friendly and upbeat. I also had a (Doppler?) spelling? yesterday too and an exceptionally long hike from one end of the hospital to another!! A young volunteer guided me, his name “Retdick.” I should have asked him to spell his name for me!

Susan (Sis) and Lori brought me over on Monday; Lori would be co-piloting on the way home.

So many school buses three days at Science North; there are five this morning. The girls who keep things neat and tidy around here are nice and thoughtful. Did I tell you we don’t even do our own dishes?

Cribbage tables: high hand, Cal, 24; first, Dorothy A and Lois, 950; second, Simon and Dorothy C, 946; third, Lori and Rick, 925; low, Lloyd and Keith, 831; door, Dorothy, Ruth and Patsy.

Euchre, June 30. Men’s high, Rick 85, and 4 lone hands; men’s low, Dave Nelder; ladies’ high, 86, Rose and 6 lone hands; ladies low, 53, Dorothy C.; Door prize, ?.

I’m getting better at goofing up. I can blame so much on chemo, old age and memory loss!! It was Anita (Greenway) and not Lynn that attended Sammy’s dance recital with Chris. Susan and Bids sorry. Bid’s little granddaughter, Marina, was celebrating her 6th birthday today. I saw her at the museum BBQ. They sure were busy there, and they also had many great desserts on sale at the bake table.

Saturday, where were the money takers tonight? I should have had a tollbooth set up by Brown’s. There sure were a multitude of fireworks watchers. We were prepared with our money but didn’t see anyone collecting. Good long-lasting displays. Cal and I left the Pyette reunion and the timing was almost perfect. The family music was pretty well over. Jeff Pyette, David Labelle and many Pyette family members, excellent fiddle! Kevin Pattison said they had 105 registered but, perhaps, 20 didn’t make the dinner. A cold plate, was delicious. A lot of credit went to Lisa and family for the great strawberry rhubarb jam (this week) for handouts to everyone who registered, and a jellybean guessing contest was won by Betty?

Lots of visiting and families introduced theirs, and named their parents, and the connection. Old home week/day for many who have Island background and connections.

Of course, they had their usual silent auction inside, where many great donated items and gift certificates were there for us to bid on. I had a phone message when I got home. I purchased a couple of items. And as for the parade, it has to be one of the “best” for such a small community. It was fantabulous!! I hear Lorrie gets a lot of credit for organizing. I have no idea how many floats, tractors, horses, great cars, but there were many! Walkers, etc. too.

The firefighters had their annual “yard” sale. Yards of stuff to look at! Missed the St. Andrews Church annual fundraising fish dinner, but next time! Maybe?

From Aylnwick gift cards and letter from Jane Johnson, calls from Derek, and Kim and Kathy. I came home from Sudbury with Colleen Giles from Little Current, who is also undergoing radiation. Lori met me at Garry’s Restaurant. We, Cal and I, played cards with Rick and Lori on Friday night.

I forgot to mention Mum was in the parade! Across the windshield, Happy 100th Birthday Jean. Riley was driving Eric’s car (I believe). Chris and Susan back seat drivers!

You do the most damage the simplest way. I was just reaching across my bed for my watch and I popped (loudly) something in the calf, below the knee. It’s “KINDA IN PAIN” and causes me to moan and hobble!

Pauline and Wayne had their daughter Christine and Dave, and granddaughter Tatyana visiting. They took in South Baymouth’s festivities.

After church today I picked up my auction wins at the museum, Patti came in freshly bee stung with her daughter Sarah? (Loretta on duty) The girls tired out from their busy day Saturday. Didn’t the weather co-operate beautifully for our local events. Today our minute for mission had the loveliest message on thanking our ministers for all they do. Today it was June McDougall back in the pulpit. Mary Yett and I had lunch at Carol’s and Earl’s afterward.