Tehkummah Talk and Times

A lot of new faces this week at the Daffodil Lodge. I have a very comfortable spot and as I said before, scenery is something else. I’m writing as the sun is setting, and it’s beautiful. The young robins have left the nest, you wonder at the city birds and what their survival rate is. The adults obviously cope well. Susan brought me over Monday morning; we had our lunch at Swiss Chalet. She was going to pick up her granddaughter Brooke, after dropping me off. Brooke is staying for the week with Grammy. I am meeting the nicest people here. Not a lot of wild creatures. Seagulls always for the first this Wednesday A.M. I saw a few crows, a duck, or two, and a very few small birds. I’m fascinated daily by the different coloured smoke coming out of the super stack, it’s white? (Why so many colours?) Today I went for an afternoon tea. They have two young student volunteers.

I helped “Not Much” Shirley finish her puzzle, which finished three pieces short!! (I found pieces later) Here it is Thursday already 10:31 and I’m back in my room finished therapy today already.

Friday is really early. The time seems to go fast. This week outside my window I’ve watched a sumac tree’s cones turn from green to pink to burgundy. It’s beautiful, but it seems too early to me! “Pet therapy,” same folks, one new dog. Linda, Bob, and Sandy. The retrievers’ names Hannah and Dee, Sparky the new, as well as Penny, Fritz and Bridget. John, Shirley and Judy are all going home this week. Judy thought the sing-a-long in the library Wednesday evening was a goodbye party, especially for them. Vern and Randy, vocal and guitar players extraordinary. It was great! You would have thought they had players together all their lives.

Grace gave me some liquid flavouring to help the water go down! It helps!

It smokes down low it smokes up high

Its smoke so often points the sky,

The colours white, grey, brown and black.

They call this thing the super stack.

Pat Hall July 6, 2016

My nephew Jeff Rennie brought me home from Sudbury on Friday afternoon. When we got here the thunderstorm was just getting activated. Put down a fairly heavy rainfall for a while. Cal took me in to Carol’s and Earl’s for supper. Sherry and Dave joined us there. I went to Cal’s. Beat him a couple of games of cribbage. He had trimmed his whiskers/beard, whatever, goatee, maybe, and I informed him I was upset because I was planning to compete with him. “Good news” is my hair is starting to grow. “Bad news” it’s white (never was before) and it’s growing well on my chin!! It’s like one of those Murphy’s Law things!

Sherry had washed my bedding and was making my bed. I got all comfy, head on pillow and about two inches from me, eye level, was this big black? I moved the quickest in a long while, found not a spider, but a huge black beetle, glad it didn’t bite me, or crawl on me!

Well Mum and I went to Garden Shed for breakfast this morning. It sure was busy there. Laurie, Gail, and Joanne on duty. Joanne is a new grandmother. Her daughter, Giselle, has a little girl, 5 lb 10 oz, and her name is Whitney! Congrats to the family.

We saw Francis (McCulligh) there and she gave us an update on her Mum Jean (McCulligh) who is in hospital after breaking a hip. So get well soon Jean.

I also hear Bob Blue isn’t well, so thinking of you Bob!

Last week at the museum, July 2, where Dorothy and Floyd were selling tickets, the draw was made and Simon Girouard won the ice cream maker! This draw was a fundraiser for the Triangle Club.

Margaret phoned me with the euchre scores. Men’s high: Blaine (Nelder), 91 points, 4 lone hands; men’s low, Graham (Fogal), 41; ladies high, Pauline (Martin); lone hand, Janet, 3; ladies low, Florence Pyette, 46; door, Wayne Martin.

Cribbage scores, tables? High hand, Janet and Betty Jean and Bill (McGregor), 24; first, Dorothy A and Ruth, 945; second, Shirley and Barb, 944; third, Ruth and Bill, 940; low,  Lina and Noreen, 848, door, Rick, Simon, Rita.

Sounds like they’ve got a nice market garden going at the hall on Fridays. Well first card game with Mum in ages, and I won 2 out of 3, but I’m sure we played 4? Sunday Mum had supper at Susan and Simon’s, with Pauline, Wayne, Jeff and Brooke. Brooke took in the Princess Tea on Saturday at Manitoulin Community Church. It sounded like a fun time. Crafts, decorating their own cupcakes, and, of course, tea in funny cups and saucers! 18 young folk enjoyed this event.

Susan has on a video of  some young cowgirls riding stick horses. Memories of the days when you made your own fun, great!

Cal and I had fish and chips at South Baymouth. Gib and Florence came to Cal’s later. I hate to say but the group won the most games, though we skunked them good on one. Anna and Hart are back at their Cedar Park summer place. Bert and Marge too. We had a game of Oh Crap at Susan’s, 7 players, Pauline won.