Tehkummah Talk and Times

It seems strange just talking with Mum on the phone. I’ve been sticking close to home lately doing a lot of resting. I got out of the hospital last Monday. Spent a couple of days with Pauline and Wayne. It felt good. I was getting used to being waited on hand and foot!

Susan and Simon put a birthday party together for Pauline on the 27th. Mum and Sherry too. Dave was working late.

I was laughing this morning thinking of “Mrs. Doubtfire.” My sister Nancy called herself that (because of a dress). On May 3 it will be 16 years since she passed away. I still miss her so much.

Got a couple of phone calls from both my boys this week, Derek and Jodi in Mackenzie and Kim and Kathy in Clarksburg. Kim’s right into the gardening. She has stuff planted already. Peas will be up?

Talking to Cal on the phone a lot. He’s still coughing. That’s an awful bug!

Happy birthday Norris Pyette on Saturday.

Thanks Caroline Boone! Can’t wait to meet you.

I got the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers from my U.C.W. members this week.

It’s funny how I wake up just as the sun is rising above the trees each morning.

Sissy Pat called in at the hospital just as I was ready to go home on Monday. Pauline and Wayne picked me up.

My world has narrowed down considerably to sleeping and eating. Pretty shaky, scare myself in the mirror?

Sherry and Tara are doing lots of yard work. I even filled the bird feeders once. Lots of birds in the yard for watching. Sneezing time. To sleep again.

A darned mosquito already snacking on me the last day of April.

Thanks Barb and Keith for the boost. Pauline for good chicken soup and muffin and beautiful homemade card. Thanks for all notes and cards and blessings this week.

Susan took me for bloodwork this Monday morning. We had breakfast at ‘Mum’s’ Restaurant after. Of course we had to backtrack as I forgot my requisition. Surprised to see Chrissy working there. Lots of friends and neighbours this morning with the same mind. Saw only one deer. Lots of wild geese, ducks and sandhills.

Euchre tournament results from April 21: Graham and Sheila, 84; Janice and Sharlene, 79; Dorothy and Ken, 73; Dorothy and Ted, 45; Eva and Donna, skunk, also Gib and Florence; lone hands, Sharlene and Janice, 5.

Cribbage results from April 20: High hand, Jean McCauley, 24; first, Gib and Florence, 966; second, Laura and Patsy, 918; third, Ted and Dorothy, 912; low, Hugh and Lyla, 863; door prize, Dorothy Allard and Barb Lawrence.

Cribbage results from April 27: High hand, Dorothy Allard, 21; first, Bob and Keith, 947; second, Doris and Marg C., 928; third, Dorothy and Betty Jean, 925; low, Ted and Dorothy, 834; door prize, NA.