Tehkummah Talk and Times

Tuesday 6:30 AM, more thunder storms roll in. What an unusual winter? Perhaps it’s chasing a shamrock or a Leprechaun? I know it will be bringing up snowdrops and crocus!

By the way, “Top o’ the morning to ye!” Dance a jig, take a drink to celebrate (tea or coffee, of course).

Hey, celebrate red too. Cardinals are singing in Tehkummah. They have seemed scarce this winter. Sounds wonderful.

Happy belated birthday, Lorna.

With sympathy to the family of Rosalie Moote. Mum worked for John and Rosalie a few (ha) years back!

Hey, there, Manitowaning girls of Knox Church, just wanted to recognize your faithfulness and hard work. You are appreciated!

Recently Blair Sullivan sent a note of appreciation to me for a dinner here in Tehkummah, and so I passed it on, for I got to enjoy that one too! Thanks.

I leave a lot to memory, and I’m so glad I can blame it on old age (still) if I’m a bit late putting stuff in my column, like Jacob hurting his fingers with a chisel and needing stitches too. That’s also a week ago.

Oh darn, Tuesday, Mum was the best cribbage player!

I finally delivered some Christmas cards this past week, a couple today (two years’ worth) to Diane and Harvey. Harvey said there were seagulls over the land today (Anstice Field), a sure sign of spring, maybe?

Happy birthday, Wayne Martin, on the 10th.

Hey, did you hear wedding bells chiming on Valentine’s Day? Congratulations, newlyweds.

Wednesday weather couldn’t make up its mind, 100 crows in the elm tree!

Four and a half tables at cribbage: two high hands, Dorothy and Betty Jean, 24; first place, Audrey and Dorothy A, 945; second, Doris and Sandra, 922; third, Cal and I 900; low, Graham and Sheila, 858; door, Sissy, Patrysha, and I.

Good to see Gib and Florence back again, recovered from their ailments. Sandra too, was back after holidaying in Florida.

Saturday AM back to bed twice, back rub and pain pill. I hate it when I walk like the Hunchback of Notre Dame! Hurts too!

Step-dancing cat, I went to the doors about twenty times before she came in, her feet were cold, then this morning didn’t she go through a drawer and get caught in the back of the dresser. I think we both will be glad to open the doors and throw the “cabin fever” out. All I can think is, how are our summer birds already here and surviving this cold? What’s happening to our world?

Monday morning, brilliant scarlet skyline, and brrr. Cold. No sitting out in the morning yet! A fun Sunday evening, supper out at Carol’s and Earl’s with Gib and Florence, then a few fun games of cribbage at Cal’s afterwards. In the afternoon too, I played cards with Mum until I finally won one, the first three games she beat me by seven points each time! Odd or what? After church, lunch and a visit with Martin and Lynda. What a great sermon he prepared. “Finding the Light.”

Over this week, March 19th, church service is at the Tehkummah hall, and it’s especially for you! We are having some special music; you won’t want to miss it! And after a potluck lunch, please join us! Everyone is welcome, 11:30am. Happy Spring!!

Bought this little book at the yard sale last week. I love reading all the inspirational quotes. “Hope” is the book title, “Don’t be afraid your life will end; be afraid it will never begin.”