Tehkummah Talk & Times

Seven tables at cribbage on March 28 and at break time we celebrated Eugene/Ted’s birthday with cake and song, all the players signed a card for him. Two high hands of 24, Donna and Laura; first place, Pat and Laura, 949; second, Lyla and Hugh, 933; third, Gib and Florence, 921; low, Keith and Laurene, 712; door prize? I gave the gang a bit of a challenge? Three weeks playing I checked the skunks and today gave out the prizes; Graham and Sheila the lowest score of the frame, 69; Gib and Florence had 5; Laura and Pat had 4; Bill and Betty Jean, 3. The skunks were soft stuffys with caterpillar type legs? Cute.

Friday evening, I gave Mum a double skunk, we had four games, she won two. Saturday finally the wind had blown itself out, and a nice day was upon the land, so traverse we did to Espanola. Shopped at the usual spots. Met up with Gib and Florence at K.F.C. I bought a birthday cake over there for Skylar’s big day. Sherry and Dave hosted, Dave is having a more difficult time; the knee surgery is a whole lot different. So he went to rest early. Doug and Marion were there for supper too, a delish roast beef dinner, Skylar opened many nice gifts.

I had to get up in the night, I made potato pancakes and cooked some trout. My body told me I was one meal shy.

Before we left Sherry’s, Tara and I played a game of Tiki, if high points win I would have, they both beat me badly.

Sunrise Service on Fossil Hill Easter morning, 7am.

Easter Egg Hunt in Tehkummah Saturday.

Had a good chicken burger at Grill and Chill on Friday, did a few little tasks, and had a nice visit with Mary at Rylan’s. That’s a super store, lots of choice in all sizes.

I sang Happy Birthday to my cats Ginger and Mar on the 8th too, they are exactly, and I do mean exactly, the same age as Skylar. I woke up singing, “Other loves have come my way, but they were not for me.” That’s a Kitty Wells song from the 50s. I must have been searching in my dreams!

A beautiful bouquet of coral coloured carnations from Sherry on my table; Marion got pinky ones.

How beautiful it is, to do nothing, and then rest afterwards! Oh my, this sounds so much like me. Words taken from a perpetual Cat Calendar I’ve had for years. This was for April 9. (Spanish Proverb) Watching Vimy Ridge 100th anniversary celebration, the boots of the fallen, 3600 pairs?

Monday, I’m not dressed, I’ve been doing yard work in my house coat, but it’s warm already. I was eating breakfast outside and I saw all the things that needed done, I think things were totally neglected last years. Got a wee cedar shaped up this AM too. “The trees are alive with the Sound of Music.” The sun already hot! Juncos for the first in the back yard and some of the goldfinches are quite brilliant already, grass is greening. Cats and I are happy. Sunday church at South Baymouth Saint Andrews, sermon being Reborn? Lunch at Carol’s and Earl’s, Lorrie is back from Jamaica, Carol hasn’t been feeling that well. Cards at Mum’s. I think she was the best, but did I tell you I double skunked her Friday. Saturday Pauline and Wayne took her to Sudbury for her needle in the eye.

Sunday evening Cal and I went to Carol’s and Earl’s for supper. It was very busy, nice weather has got folks moving. After a leisurely drive to Mindemoya where we played cards with Gib and Florence, James “fair”ly equal. We spoke to Tim Shaw a minute, hello Elwyn, keep well.

Every day it seems we hear of someone not well. Think spring and Happy Easter. Don’t forget the Sunrise Service at Fossil Hill. Special music for you!

Lori and Rick got home from the south on Thursday. Good Friday Services Knox,10am; Fairview, 11:30am. From Sunshine to black dark, the power must have got a bump! And then the thunderstorm arrives!

Cribbage Wednesday 1:30 pm, 5 tables. High hands, Keith and Patrysha, 20; first place, Laurene and Pat (me), 951; second, Jean and Mary, 934; third, Laura and Patrysha, 923; low, Gib and Florence, 843; door, Bert and myself.

Thursday euchre tournament, 5 tables. High, Hugh and Lyla, 79; second, Ruth and Ken, 77; third, Ted and Dorothy, 73; low, Andy and Linda, 62; lone hands, Hugh and Lyla, 7; door, Lyla.

K.P. duty, Floyd and Mary, thanks. We appreciate all who help keep our activities going, bingo, Simon, Mary and Margaret.