Tehkummah Talk and Times

Last week we met a young man named Murray Gammie. That same day we drove the full length of Park Avenue, and on the way home a slight side trip through the “Everglades.” I was sure an alligator was going to show up in the swamp; unexplored roads can be quite exciting (oh I guess now they have been, explored, I mean). Last week too, Daisy and Robert were doing yard clean up at the hall. Thanks very much, a lot of branches on the ground, presents from the oak over winter.

Today I met a young man named Branden while I waited at Manitoulin Chrysler. Yesterday had a chat there with Rick Piche.

Despite all the ornaments and neat things to be found at the Rock and Rail, how can there be no dust?

Just back from a church board meeting, went in with Mary O’Neil and Linda McN. It had been quite a while since I had been to one, interesting and many laughs, serious stuff too.

I wasn’t too long home from Mum’s where she was winner at cribbage. We had three games after our cribbage tournament. We had eight tables today, and some fabulous food, thanks so much: high hand, Lori Gordon, 24; first place, (Mum) Jean and Mary, 951; second, Laurene and I, 939; third, Simon and Marg C., 934; low, Bert and Joy, 843; door prizes, Sandra K., Laurene and Simon.

On Tuesday morning a few of our Fairview Elders and members had a meeting at the library basically to discuss the finances of our church. We are celebrating Fairview’s 120th anniversary with a few special events throughout the year.

With sadness I report Pat McEachern’s death after a long battle with cancer, sympathy to the families of Hank and Arnold Hytainen on the loss of their father this week, also. I heard that Jerry Cronin had passed, thinking of you all.

On Thursday evening I popped in to wish Pauline a happy birthday, a day late. On Wednesday a get-together to celebrate with her friends, Bev, Pat, Kathy and Sister Susan joined the lunch date too, I hear.

Thursday the 4th the regular evening euchre games resume, and the third Thursday tournament always.

What a lovely evening, not temperature wise but just so nice. Cal dropped me off around 11 pm. We had just come from Dave and Sherry’s, a few fun games of Sequence and a cup of tea, and a nice visit. After we left Carol’s and Earl’s we drove Lakeshore, then to Rogers Creek (the long way, where is our bridge?). A beautiful pair of wild geese; figured out the male/female difference. Sand pipers, I haven’t seen them for years. Lots of wild ducks and birds. It’s a year for the bunnies, almost all brown, mostly in McLay subdivision. We checked Dave’s Creek for suckers, heard there had been some sighted there.

Hey, it was Lynn Overfield’s birthday. Travis’s birthday is on the 3rd.

Hey, don’t forget the Mother’s Day Tea on May 10th; the Jr. U.C.W. sponsors it.

On Saturday while driving I saw a hawk take a large snake. It was dangling above me. I’m glad I was in the car. Don’t mind the things, but I don’t think I’d want one to land on me! Same day same area, just below Fossil Hill, I saw a bear heading for Squirrel Town Road. It’s been too cold for me this week; I wanted to do some more roadside plantings for the bees.

Our Sunday sermon was based on nature, spring, and re-creation, despite the lack of folk. Were really disappointed that Earl’s weren’t open; he’d have had a houseful. But Mum and I got lunch anyways, and got warm too, and had fun. We played umpteen games of cribbage; I do believe Simon and I did well! Thanks, Susan.

May day, May day. Happy Cinco De Mayo.