Tehkummah Talk & Times

Notice, Sunday, May 28 Country and Gospel afternoon at the Tehkummah Hall, admission $10, desserts and refreshments included, a fundraiser for Tehkummah Sr. U.C.W.

Got a phone call from Kim and Kathy Sunday evening, he’s getting some gardening in.  My green multiplier onions are up on top. I guess the cats figured it was easy digging where I’d planted. The ones they missed digging out should have good flavor. HA! Lots of yellow in our world, most lawns are most colourful now. The money plant is coming into bloom, a white one too again. Too bad it didn’t grow the real thing! Lots of wild strawberries perhaps if we get rain at the right time!

Monday Noreen called to see if I was going to our U.C.W. meeting at her place, Mum was waiting for me too, while I was in the forgetting mode! They waited for us. Good meeting, good group, good lunch, and delish dessert!

Sympathy to the family of Gary Hoffman, thinking of you!

Just saw the first hummingbird Monday morning, the wren is setting up housekeeping in the bird condo, and pair of robins are feeding babies. The nest is on the hydro meter, maybe that’s why my bills are so high? A beautiful warm morning on Saturday, I planted a half a dozen gladiolas, that’s about enough work at a time, everything is in stages, basically resting stages. I have got a pair of kitchen curtains on the line too, and two days worth of dishes done.

Sherry took me to Sudbury yesterday for my checkup with Dr. Shehata. That was a good report, now if I can get my body’s necessary vitamins to where they should be perhaps I will drag less, but then again I am 80! Then I look at Mum and I wonder? She’s got a lot of zip yet.

Last week, intended to mention saying hello to Cora Belle at Green Acres on Sunday eve. Also intended to talk about the Adder Tongues they are large and plentiful, yet the trilliums seem smaller.

Thursday someone had done more than their “Good Deed” for the day. When we came along in the torrential downpour, two cars (actually a car and a truck) started moving, after removing a tree that had fallen the whole way across the road. Thank you. I’ll bet you got wet! This was on the 20th out of Mindemoya. Deluge or what, driving slow and most cautiously the rains started, as we got to Spring Bay, a back way, I had not been on before. Cal and I had lunch at Carol’s and Earl’s and then he just drove. Over the lakes today they looked like everything had been painted with a sheer blue wash. It was lovely, before the rain of course. The impending storm/ story / warning?! Everything seems over done, too much, or not enough, the balance is gone. Mother Earth/ Mother Nature is rebelling.

We finally have hummingbirds, my own! Last week Tara and Skylar tried to save two baby flying squirrels that must have fallen from their nest. Perhaps the crows?

Six and a half tables for cribbage. Today at our lunch break we sang Happy Birthday to Bert Whalen. What a delicious birthday cake, chocolate and ice cream too. High hands, 24, Edgar and Bill; first place, Noreen and Roger; second, Dorothy and Ted, 952; third, Jessie and Dorothy A, 946; low, Betty Jean and Bill, 848; door, Jean, Pat H, Keith.

Happy 41st wedding anniversary to Sherry and Dave, and 39th to Kim and Kathy this week.

The past couple of weeks Mum has been knocking my socks off at cribbage. Some kind of close but a couple of skunks. She even whomped Pauline.

Euchre, 9 tables for the tournament. An amazing score of 100 and 10 lone hands for Donna and Eva; second, Marlaina and Margaret, 91;third, Linda and Andy, 75; fourth, Betty Jean and Bill, 71; low, Eila and Donna, 46; Marg and Simon, Dorothy and Ted all qualified for skunks. I’m not sure who all was on K.P. duty; Denis won the door prize. Good to have some of the “Summer Folk” back with us.

I’ve been singing ‘I’ll be with you in apple blossom time.’

They are not quite out, but the pears are starting, the cherries and plum are spectacular, the wild plum, black cherries and bilberry are lovely. It would be nice if they wouldn’t get that blight for a change. Many many tent caterpillars this year, get after them, the only bird that eats them are seagulls. I know they don’t smell good when you squish them.

A new waitress named Tracy at the Garden Shed, met her Saturday. Jay and Bert were there with family, reminded me of Ted Bowerman’s Memorial Service at the Hall. I sat with Rick and Sandra Samson and Don Arnold, who is moving to Picton. So

Happy transfer Don! Supper at Sherry and Dave’s, Tara and I beat Sherry and Cal at cribbage!

The days go by so fast, they seem full and busy, but it might be the napping time that shortens time up so much. I took Mum and Audrey to Andy Watson’s birthday party after church on Sunday. Boy, if you can count your wealth by your friends he is a very rich man. Dot and Andy sat up front (Sandfield Hall), Mum and Audrey sat nearby for a while, refreshments and birthday cake was served up to all the well-wishers. Dual Citizens of the Year recognized by Central Manitoulin as well, congratulations on that honour as well.

I sat with Toots, Eva and Margaret, then Lois Campbell and Jackie joined our table. Lois is doing well. The Pyette boys, Lester, Norris and Ronnie, made a special trip to wish Andy happy birthday and many others, too numerous to list here.

June Edward great to see her, it’s been a while!

We sat with Doug and Marion at Carol’s and Earl’s, Nancy was our waitress.