The missing watch has made its way home

To The Expositor:

The watch’s return journey.

Awaiting the arrival of a special package on its journey from Little Current by courier from The Manitoulin Expositor, the long awaited return of Dad’s gift for his daughter!

Of similar interest, a friend conveyed to me about the loss of her car keys. She found them in a store’s lost and found box a year and a half later. She says she was elated for several weeks with the realization of actually finding her keys!

So it may have been with my watch in a safekeeping place of lost and found articles, as a “Florence Nightingale” person returned the package to The Expositor.

Thus, following a telephone message conveyed to me from the office of The Expositor, publisher Rick McCutcheon said, “Jane, I have good news!”

Later that afternoon in conversation with Mr. McCutcheon, he revealed to my amazement that there were car keys along with the watch in the envelope. The search for both articles has been unending. Since then a new car has been purchased. The watch, however, will be returned to its original Birk’s blue velvet box. Now, all of Dad’s traditionally given watches are now with their original recipients. I received the small package shortly after noon on Tuesday, April 5 safely by courier. Cutting away the red ‘Tuck Tape,’ opening the box and the envelope, the watch and keys were linked together. Upon opening it was the reaction of smiles, yes pleasant smiles of once again of seeing the watch and reading the engraving on the back—From Dad – F.W. Palmer 1996.

Yes and the realization, that the watch was actually returned after such a lapse of time, and the keys too? Wow!

The long search and journey of the watch is finished, now put to rest! The watch is now back in its Birk’s blue velvet box with the original bill of sale with its registration number on it!

To readers who have not started their traditions of milestone gift-giving in their own families, possibly my story of the watch may sow a seed of ideas for you.

To all readers, treasure your milestone gifts with great abundance!

To all at The Expositor, the staff at the Manitoulin Health Centre in Mindemoya, to all the readers, my thanks to all! A pleasant ending!

Jane Palmer