The shining stars of lace

One of the beautiful lace works created by Nancy Pye.

Nancy Pye presents journey from technical innovation and craftsmanship to artistic perfection

GORE BAY – Set your calendar for 7 pm on Monday, July 8 for a presentation at the Gore Bay community hall by Nancy Pye. Monday is the first day of a week of lace-making at the International Lace Camp held annually in Gore Bay since 1994.  

“Nancy will present images of laces representing technically superior craftsmanship and innovative use of design and medium from her personal collection and from public and private institutions she has had the pleasure of visiting,” notes a release. 

“She will share her reflections on why these pieces are historically important in the development of lace and how they show lace’s purpose as a fashion embellishment, artistic decoration and visible demonstration of wealth and prestige through the centuries.”

“Lace historian Nancy Pye travels extensively to research and study laces, costume and print sources which represent important milestones in the development of lace. Her personal journey has focused on the social history of lace and its timeline. She constantly seeks to discover answers to questions such as who were the designers, craftsmen, lacemakers and patrons and what were the historical, artistic and fashion events that had the greatest influence on lace design and production.” 

“Nancy has taught lace identification clinics and courses and lectured at many venues including the International Organization of Lace Inc. (IOLI) convention in Montreal and the Textile Museum of Canada. In 2014, Nancy was curatorial associate of the landmark exhibition, “The Art of the Lacemaker: The Margaret Ruthland Collection,” at the Guelph Civic Museum.

This will be a free presentation but donations to the Angel Bus will be gratefully accepted. 

Following this evening presentation, there will be tours and lessons every afternoon from 2 to 4 pm from Tuesday through Thursday.