Therapist decries dentist’s supporters

To the Expositor:

Can I ask what 50.63 percent of your respondents (to an online poll at can possibly be thinking if they support a dentist’s right to withhold service on the basis of supporting some social practice like wind turbine energy, or gay marriage, or eating organic food, or wearing short skirts, or public funding for provincial campgrounds, or funding CBC, etc. Are the dentist’s supporters willing to disclose their social beliefs when applying for dental care? Talk about jaw dropping surprise! Who are these amazing people who must be my neighbours? I for one have lodged a complaint with the Royal College of Dentists and there is almost certainly a civil rights issue here. What kind of society do these people imagine they want to live in?

Joseph Gold, PhD
Professor Emeritus University of Waterloo
Clinical Member American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists