Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands COVID-19 Update


Little Current – As a result of the COVID -19 and emergency measures being implemented by the Provincial and Federal government, the Municipality has been compelled to close all recreational facilities and limit public access to municipal buildings.

Municipal Staff will focus on maintaining core services and ensuring community safety and the provision of critical services during this period.  These efforts will include the enhanced cleaning of all public spaces, segmentation of the workgroup into small groups and limiting crossover between groups, maintaining the flow of garbage but limiting interaction with the public during the process and of course maintaining and ensuring a reliable source of drinking water and sanitary sewers.

The municipality is working with community groups to establish a list of vulnerable persons and coordinate volunteer support for those people.  We are also maintaining all administrative services but encouraging the public to use electronic means to communicate with staff rather meeting face-to-face.

Mayor MacNevin and Council have suspended all scheduled meetings of Council and will meet only when there is an immediate need to do so; however, Council remains well informed and will continue to focus on the needs of the Community and the protection of its citizens.

At this time we encourage people to focus on maintaining a reasonable distance from one another and taking basic steps such as hand washing and staying home when sick to reduce the spread of the disease.

 For more information please contact:           

Mayor Al MacNevin

705- 348-1951