Two new faces at the Wikwemikong council table following election

WIKWEMIKONG—Wikwemikong Chief Duke Peltier received an overwhelming endorsement from the electors of Wikwemikong, garnering 868 out of 1,271 votes cast.

Candidate and former chief Gladys Wakegijig received 172 votes, former chief Robert Corbiere received 164 votes and newcomer Ronnie Odjig received 47 votes. There were 18 rejected ballots.

The 12 candidates who will be joining Ogimaa Peltier around the band council table for the next two years include incumbents Tim Ominika (687 votes), Lawrence Enosse (587 votes), Bernadine A. Francis (518 votes), John J. L. A. Dube (424 votes), Lorraine A. Fox (407 votes), Margaret (Tish) Manitowabi (403 votes), Dominic Beaudry (399 votes), Gladys Wakegijig (365 votes), Maureen E. Trudeau Manitowabi, (353 votes) and Cecillia J. C. Pitawanakwat (303 votes) who will be joined by new councillors Rachel Manitowabi (368 votes) and Sylvia Recollet (424 votes). Former councillors Agnes Kanasawe and Robbie Shawana were not on the ballot in this election.

Other results for the position of councillor were Giselle Aiabens (93 votes), Amy Assienwai (258 votes), Yvette (Ivyn) Assiniwai (194 votes), Lillian Baibomcowai-Dell (139 votes), Margorie Beaudry (112 votes), Dallas M. J. Bondy (151 votes), Lyndsay G. Brisard (175 votes), Robert (Bobby) Corbiere (281 votes), Linda (Jackson) Eshkawkogan (205 votes), Harold Fox (153 votes), Rob Fox (115 votes), Theresa Hoy (121 votes), Diane G. Jacko (104 votes), Ray Jackson (176 votes), Gerry R. Kaboni (165 votes), Wanda Kimewon (117 votes), Daryl A. King (103 votes), Winnifred (Winnie) Maiangowi (167 votes), Andrew A. (Andy) Manitowabi (89 votes), Nikki (Rose Marie) Manitowabi (235 votes), Rolanda Manitowabi (232 votes), Anna (Tillie) McGregor (218 votes), Lloyd McGregor (148 votes), Ronnie Odjig (161 votes), Marylynn Odjig-Ominikamigo (126 votes), Albert J. Hardy Peltier (175 votes), Chuck Peltier (176 votes), Ian Peltier (289 votes), Leonard Jason Anthony (J. P.) Peltier (249 votes), Mary Martha Shauna Pitawanakwat (63 votes), Joni Roy (212 votes), Rose Shawanda (278 votes), Malcolm Jr. E. (Stellar) Simon ( 74 votes), Jeffery Toulouse (140 votes), Adolphus Ignatius Trudeau (97 votes), Alfreda Trudeau (153 votes), Bruce R. Trudeau (153 votes), Howard (Smallboy) Trudeau (160 votes), Marcia F. M. Trudeau (149 votes), Mary Jo Wabuno (296 votes) and Daniel (Sonny) Wassengeso (209 votes). There were 1,268 votes cast in the vote for band councillors and 11 spoiled ballots.

Results were provided under the signature of Electoral Officer Peggy Sue Manitowabi.