Ultimately Chocolate recipes abroad

Lisabeth Flanagan, owner-operator of Ultimately Chocolate, has had two of her recipes featured in the new book, ‘Chocolate-Indulge Your Inner Chocoholic.’

GORE BAY—Two recipes developed and written by Gore Bay resident Lisabeth Flanagan, the owner-operator of Ultimately Chocolate, are featured in a book that was written and has now been published by a United Kingdom chocolatier.

“It’s awesome to look in the book and see my two of my recipes included. It’s incredible,” stated Ms. Flanagan last week.

The book, ‘Chocolate-Indulge your Inner Chocoholic” was written by UK chocolate maker and chocolate writer Don Ramsay. Ms. Flanagan was one of the people chosen to submit recipes for the book, which will be available for sale in the UK, US and Canada this fall. The book is featured on sale on Amazon as well.

“Twelve different chocolatiers have recipes in the book,” said Ms. Flanagan. “They are all award winning chocolatiers, many that I have been following for years.”

“Two of my recipes are featured in the book, one that is a tart recipe (blueberry and with chocolate tartlets) similar to the tarts that are sold at Loco Beanz now,” said Ms. Flanagan. The second recipe is for a Canadian style lava cake made with maple syrup.

“I am currently trying to get my hands on more copies of the book to sell locally,” said Ms. Flanagan. She is hoping to sell the books through Loco Beanz (in Gore Bay) in the fall and for the Christmas season. You can view the book and her recipes at Amazon.ca or search online for chocolate and Don Ramsay.