Vianet will restore high-speed service to OmniGlobe clients

by Michael Erskine

SUDBURY––Former broadband Internet customers of the bankrupt Internet service provider OmniGlobe Networks are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, as web postings on OmniGlobe’s site now advise Island customers to contact Vianet Internet Solutions for answers to their questions about their service.

OmniGlobe’s assets across Canada were recently purchased by Nova Scotia ISP Seaside Communications, whose maritime networks provided an easy integration model for the adjacent OmniGlobe customers, but the status of OmniGlobe’s far-flung assets on Manitoulin and in southern Ontario remained up in the air for several weeks while matters were sorted out.

“We have acquired the Manitoulin assets of OmniGlobe,” confirmed Vianet Internet Solutions president Will Gasteiger. “Basically, a company bought the assets of OmniGlobe and we took over the Island portion of those assets.”

The month-long ordeal for broadband customers brought about by the bankruptcy of OmniGlobe’s Canadian operations is quickly drawing to a close. “There are still a few individual customers that remain (to be connected),” noted Mr. Gasteiger, “but we have guys going out to help get them back up and running.”

As of Monday afternoon, there was still one tower in the Island network remaining without power, but Mr. Gastieger said he was optimistic that issue should be resolved later in the day. Mr. Gasteiger confirmed that his company is continuing its business relationship with MSD Computer Solutions of Little Current.

Island customers of OmniGlobe operations in Durham, Kingston, North Frontenac, and Perth are being directed to contact Xplornet Internet Services to deal with their issues.

Former OmniGlobe customers on Manitoulin can contact Vianet at (800) 788-0363 if their service continues to be problematic over the next few days.