Wagg’s Wood has always been a jewel

Unique plants have lost a treasured sanctuary

To the Expositor:

I was very sad and distressed to hear the news that a portion of Wagg’s Woods had been destroyed. I have been to Manitoulin Island several time as a field botanist, especially to see the native plants. The flora of Manitoulin is quite unique and I have been to Misery Bay and other places. However, the jewel for me has always been Wagg’s Woods.

There are plants there that are not common in other parts of Ontario and quite lovely. The cut-leaved toothwort and the nodding trillium are unique. I last visited in mid-May of this year and identified 21 species of plants. The leatherwood was just leafing out and formed a beautiful green understory.  

I hope that the township council is able to understand that protecting such valuable land is essential. Commercial spaces can come and go but such a remarkable piece of undisturbed land is not replaceable.

Mary Marsh