Weengushk launches healthy food program with support from Northern Ontario Film Studios and Hideaway Pictures of Sudbury

Weengushk Film Institute students, from left, Nolan Moberly, Melissa Calliou and Joshua Yesno, check out the groceries donated to them through the Healthy Food Program supported by Northern Ontario Film Studios and Hideaway Pictures.

M’CHIGEENG—Weengushk Film Institute, in partnership with Northern Ontario Film Studios and Hideaway Pictures founder David Anselmo, have started a healthy food initiative for all WFI students, which began on Friday, September 16.

 Weegushk Film Institute Executive Director Dr. Shirley Cheechoo reached out to the WFI Board of Directors regarding her concerns for the new WFI students. Dr. Cheechoo mentioned that WFI students were ready and eager to start their film training, housed and settled in from First Nations communities across Canada, but had no money for food or groceries.

Mr. Anselmo, who had recently joined the WFI Board of Directors to help make a difference, responded immediately and sponsored $1,000 worth of groceries, which were delivered to WFI students last Friday.

 In response to the healthy food initiative Mr. Anselmo stated, “It’s hard enough to be in school full-time, away from your community, family and friends. As students are learning how to make films, a lot of time is spent outside of the home, so the last thing a student needs to worry about is how they will feed themselves.”

With gracious sponsorship from Mr. Anselmo, Weengushk Film Institute anticipates that with continued support from the WFI Board of Directors, the healthy food initiative will become an annual program.

Hideaway Pictures resides at Northern Ontario Film Studios (NOFS), the first professional film and television studio in the region with services ranging from studio rental to grip and lighting equipment rental. Since its inception, NOFS has partnered with Technicolor, William F White, and Screenlinx. All three of these companies have moved operations to Sudbury and through NOFS have services 15 films in the Sudbury area last year, attracting over $30 million of film production in 2015.

 Weengushk Film Institute is a non-profit, artist focused film and television-training centre dedicated to unlocking the creative potential or aboriginal youth and persons of diversity and developing market leading skills. For more information on Weengushk Film Institute, please visit our website at www.weengushk.com.