West End women donate locks for cancer patients

Donating their hair for cancer patients. In photo, left to right, Lara Chevrette, Larissa Chevrette and Diane Riching display the hair they had cut off last Saturday at the Manitoulin Lodge Nursing Home in Gore Bay. The three ladies are donating their hair to those who are battling cancer through the Wigs for Kids program.

GORE BAY—Three Gore Bay area residents have donated some of their long hair to those who are battling cancer through the Wigs for Kids program.

“Lara Chevrette, one of our PSWs (personal support workers), had brought the idea forward of donating some of her hair to kids with cancer,” said Chantelle Taylor, resident and family services coordinator at the Manitoulin Lodge Nursing Home in Gore Bay, this past Saturday. “It is certainly nice that a  member of our frontline staff came up with this idea to help, and Lara got another PSW here (Diane Riching), as well as her daughter Larissa (Chevrette) to donate some of their hair towards kids with cancer.”

Ms. Taylor then brought forward the idea to Lee Turley, administrator of the Lodge, “and he thought it was a great idea.”

Cathy Joyce, who is also a PSW at the Manitoulin Lodge, donated her time to cut each of the three ladies’ hair for the cause.

“This is the third time I’ve done this (donated hair for wigs for those battling cancer),” said Lara Chevrette. “I wanted to do this at the breast cancer walk held in Gordon last weekend, but had to work that day.”

She explained the donation of her hair for cancer victims was a personal one. “My mom died of cancer in October of last year and because of that and that October being breast cancer month, I decided to take part in this type of event.”

Ms. Joyce donated her time to cutting each of the three ladies hair. She was allowed to cut 12 inches of hair from Lara Chevrette and 10 inches each from Larissa Chevrette and Diane Riching. “With the Wigs for Kids program they accept hair that has been dyed or coloured for example,” she said. “They allow for a more broad spectrum of people that can donate their hair.”

Under the Hair for Kids program hair must be clean and dry and must be in a braid or ponytail before it is cut; 10 inches measured tip to tip is the minimum length needed. They accept hair that has been dyed or coloured, and grey hair, 10 inches and longer and even hair that had been cut years ago and stored in either a braid or ponytail.

The Wigs for Kids main office is located in Toronto.