What about the third class?

Living under $12,000 is a joke

To the Expositor:

I keep hearing the three parties of government talking about the middle income class citizens, how they help them out. But what about the third class income people, because there are more of them. People who are making thirty thousand dollars or more a year are well off and there are more people who are living under twenty five thousand dollars a year and these are the people who really need that extra help because they are struggling with their incomes. Then there are people who are living way under the income level because some of these people are living on twelve thousand dollars a year and when you look at the rising cost of living, that’s chicken feed money you’re living on. When will this government wake up from their dreams and start dealing with the truth and really start helping the people who really need it?

I do very well with numbers when I take a look at the economy and when you are living under $25,000 a year, that’s not very much and then if you are living on $12,000 a year, that’s just a joke.

Ron Osawabine