Whitefish winter carnival blessed with perfect weather

Wasi Lightning poses in front of her first place entry in the snow sculpture contest entitled Fiddle me Whiskers.

BIRCH ISLAND—The Whitefish River First Nation Winter Carnival took place last week under blue skies with near perfect winter temperatures—not so cold that frost bite lurked, but not so warm that slush would soak your mittens.

The carnival boasted a host of events that stretched from Wednesday through Saturday afternoon.

Among the most hilarious of the Saturday afternoon events was the scavenger hunt that saw teams racing across the community to take part in skill testing events that included scone baking and puzzle completing, accompanied by plenty of laughter and delight.

Perhaps the biggest laughs of the weekend were the responses from those people watching the battle of the politicians, as Chief Shining Turtle took on Algoma-Manitoulin MPP Mike Mantha in a sumo wrestling event that both puffing contestants agreed to call a draw after two throws.

“This is all about family and community,” said Chief Shining Turtle. “We have things going on for all age groups and, as you can see, most of the community has come out to take part.”

“This is the best part of politics,” agreed Mr. Mantha, who could be seen strolling deep in conversation with a constituent between chauffeuring teams in the scavenger hunt and being tossed to the mat by the chief. “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

A massive prize board adorned one end of the Whitefish River First Nation community centre and most young contestants could be seen carrying away their booty late Saturday afternoon.

Ice sculpture contestants took advantage of the fine weather weaving creativity and the plentiful snow into masterpieces displayed on lawns across the community. First prize went to Wasi Lightning for her inspired cat and fiddling mouse ‘Fiddle Me Whiskers’. Second place went to Julie Wilder’s massive dinosaur creation while third place was fished up by the simple but quirky fishing Inuktuk of Olivia Pelletier and Mabel McGregor. Special mention to the skyline efforts of Greg Sutherland’s family and the slightly gruesome harvested deer of Dan Andrews.