Writer not in support of new Wikwemikong constitution

To the Expositor:

So Jeanette Corbiere Lavell supports Chief Peltier and council in ratifying the 26th draft of the G’Chi-Naaknigewin document. I beg to differ. There are so many things wrong with this document, so where do we start?

Hypocrisy is rampant at the seat of power here and is clearly evident at the chief and council meetings. I have been treated with more respect by the bikers in cowtown then by the last four chiefs and councils here in Wiky. In the seven years it took to get this far, has anyone looked into Maritime Law or Common Law or what happens when you combine the two? Has anyone looked into the status of Canada, or being a corporation offered on the US Stock Exchange? Has anyone looked into the Queen of England and her relationship to the Masons and how they got and retain their power? Has anyone looked into the real meaning of G’Chi-Naaknigewin and truly understood it? I doubt it, by their actions to the people of Wikwemikong. Has anyone, during the last seven years, looked into teaching the “Writings of our 21 Moral Precepts” from the history of the Anishnabe people to our youth? Do the chief and council even know what they are? In the preamble, it states our home is Odawa Mnis. When we thought it was G’Chi-Manitou Mnis and was put here for all the people, there was a good reason to unite as the Three Fires Confederacy and any deviation from that is an abomination and will only serve to create dissention. Let’s not forget, the Mohawks would have had their way otherwise. Under 5.2 of your document, you state that chief and council must establish appropriate procedures in respect of informing its Wiikemkoong Anishnaabek of draft laws etc. What are they hiding? It should be noted that the last time I went up to chief and council at their request, a staff person clearly exercised censorship with no objection from the chief and council.

If chief and council don’t understand the essence of the Seven Grandfather Teachings, then perhaps they’ll understand the Seven Ps: perfect pre-planning prevents piss poor product.

I’ve got more, but that’s all…for now.

Ricky Corbiere