Writer proud to support Special Olympics athletes

To the Expositor:

In a previous paper, I let everyone know how proud I was to be a part of a community that supported Bluegrass in the Country by writing to the paper (‘Community support makes Bluegrass in the Country a success,’ June 20, page 5).

Bluegrass in the Country has been a fundraiser for Manitoulin Special Olympics for the past three years. We have received a lot of support from all communities on Manitoulin. However, a majority of our athletes live in Mindemoya. Many of our athletes live in the buildings that Mr. Willard Taylor (no relation) mentioned in his letter to the editor recently under the heading ‘Mindemoya taxpayer concerned with housing options’ (June 20, page 4).

It made me think about what Special Olympics is about—it is about empowering our athletes through sport, to live their lives with dignity and respect.

I am sorry Mr. Taylor feels this way, but I for one am proud to be assisting these individuals and glad they reside in my community.

Roslyn Taylor