Writer reacts to mayor’s comments on the OPP boathouse

To the Expositor:

“I want that piece of crap off our beautiful waterfront,” announced Mayor Chapman. “It’s an eyesore and liability. We did not invest $7 million in our waterfront, only to have that boathouse ruin it.”

Mr. Chapman and council must be shortsighted because if they looked across the channel they would see that Toronto got the CN Tower, we got the CPR Industrial wasteland with a goat on top of it all.

We also would see the Coldwater industrial seagull feeding business. Don’t you think that while you whine to the OPP and politicians, maybe you could whine to CPR or new owner and Coldwater. From shore to shore, this shouldn’t be industrial wasteland. It is supposed to look like paradise.

Yours truly,
Scott May Orr
Little Current