Writer urges landowners to leave frontage to its natural state

To the Expositor:

As cottage (camp) season approaches, I am writing to plead with fellow waterfront owners to be very aware of our impact on the beautiful lakes of Manitoulin. Some well-intentioned folks prefer the urban look of manicured, fertile lawns all the way to the shoreline. There is ample evidence now that lake water is directly and adversely affected by this practice. The Ministry of Natural Resources warns a shoreline buffer of 100 feet is essential to filter and purify the watershed before entering lakes. This means leaving (or reintroducing) wild vegetation, trees, leaves, rocks, etc. in their natural state to protect shorelines and especially water quality.

Hopefully even the most skeptical landowner will investigate this claim to prevent devaluing their property (blue-green algae = dead lake) and spoiling the drinking/swimming water for many.

Sue Rumble

Big Lake

PS: To my neighbours with lawns, I hope to still be friends.