Writings on the Wall

Aanii, welcome back to another week of reading Writings on the Wall! Our Warriors recently had their 15th annual athletics banquet on June 3! A very, very special congratulations to the Athletes of the Year. The Student Athlete of the Year was awarded to Annie Wemigawns. Student Athlete of the Year is for students who are more than an athlete; student-athlete is for students who work hard and strive to get outstanding grades. The athlete of the Year for second time in the row for the boys was Adrian Trudeau and for the girls, me—Aurora Ominika-Enosse. Congratulations to every single athlete on every sports team! Great efforts and hope to see you next year.

Athlete of the Week goes to Adrian Trudeau! Adrian plays hockey, basketball, volleyball and tennis! Adrian plays sports because it keeps him active and keeps him energetic for the next days to come. When I asked him how it felt winning athlete of the year for two years in a row he said, “Winning Athlete of the Year for my second year in a row, honestly, I was shocked, I didn’t think I was going to get it but when I reflected on it, I was encouraging people to do better and push themselves to do better every time. My academics comes first, I have to get good attendance and my mom’s approval.” Adrian plans on getting Athlete of the Year next year as well for his last year in high school. He plans on achieving this by doing all his work, staying in school, training, and remembering to have fun. Adrian told me that “I tell myself that the road to success is always busy; people should want success as much as they want to breath.” Way to go Adrian and congratulations 2015 Award Winners!!

On behalf of all students we would like to say chi miigwech to all the teachers who take the role of coaches, plan our practices, wake up at 5 am to take to us our tournaments and encourage us to be the best that we could be! None of this would be possible without your help. Special thank you to Mr. Recollet who has been helping out since 2001-02 and to Mrs. Peltier who has been the Athletic Director since 2000!

Chi Miigwech for reading everybody!! I’ll see you readers next week! Have a great day!