2020 Snow Drags season off to great start

It was an action-packed day at the first Manitoulin Snow Drag races of the season in Spring Bay.

SPRING BAY – It was a beautiful and downright frigid day, but regardless, a great day for the first Manitoulin Snow Drag races for this season.

The first race day of the season was held this past Saturday in a new location in Spring Bay.

The many racers, and races, are held on a four-lane track that is one-eighth of a mile long.

Alayna Cranston provided a list of the results of each race.  In the Stock Non-Studded 250cc category, Tyler Leeson took top spot with Steven White second; in the 340cc, Bert Gagne took first followed by Casey Brook and Chris White in second and third, respectively; 440cc, Rob Cranston Jr. led the way. He was followed by Bert Gagne in second and Nevaeh Harper, third. The 500cc division saw Ken Delisle and Bert Gagne in first and second, respectively. Cole Delisle was first in the 600cc division, with Michael Hore second. And in the 800cc category, Chris White was first, Bert Gagne second and Tyler Leeson third.

The Stock Studded division, 340cc saw Bert Gagne take top spot, followed by Joe Graham and Steven White. The 600cc division saw Sebastian Boyes in first and Ron Spry, second. Rob Cranston Sr. was third. 700cc, Earl Olsen took top spot with Brooke Addison and Sebastian Boyes in second and third, respectively; 800cc saw Cory Hickey first, Howie Fisher second and Michael Boyes in third place. The Factory Stock Turbo category had Tyler Corbiere in first, Curt King second and Digger Clarke third; and in the kids (120 stock category) Ayleana McDermid was first. Ariella Lanktree and Lorne Middaugh placed second and third.

The Improved division, 500cc, had Aaron Harris first and Rob Cranston Jr. second. The 600cc division saw Lucas Weddel in first, Aaron Harris second and Digger Clarke third; Lucas Weddel was also first in the 700cc category, with Earl Olsen, second and Brooke Addison, third. 800cc, Cory Hickey placed first, Jeremy Harris, second and Earl Olsen, third. In the Open category, Tyler Corbiere was first, Chris Hickey, second and Cory Hickey, third, while in the Outlaw division Tyler Corbiere took top spot, with Kevin Mossip in second and Chris Hickey, third. And in the Kids 120cc Open category, Ariella Lanktree was first, Ayleana McDermid, second and Lorne Middaugh in third.

The Vintage division, under 300cc division saw Alayna Cranston in top spot. She was followed by Darren Dewar and Tyler Leeson in second and third. 340 cc, Bert Gagne was first, Joe Graham, second and Chris White, third. 500cc, Cole Delisle was first, followed by Rob Cranston Jr. and Bert Gagne; 600cc, Digger Clarke took top spot, Tony Diodati placed second and Rob Cranston Sr. was third; 700cc, Digger Clarke took first place in this category as well, with Rob Cranston Sr. and Tony Diodati in second and third, respectively; 800cc, Rob Cranston Sr. was in first, Digger Clarke, second and Tony Diodati, third.  And in the Open division, Rob Cranston Sr. was first, followed by Brendan Addison in second.

The next snow drag races will take place Sunday, March 15, also at the same location, 8784 Highway 542 in Spring  Bay.