A Christmas truce

WWI history tells us about the Christmas that will never be forgotten. On Christmas Eve 1914 in the midst of fear, death, uncertainty, could be heard in the distance of the enemy lines the singing of the German soldiers. Silent Night was the song on their hearts. The British could not believe their ears. Was this singing across the trenches in the middle of a war? As they listened more intently their thoughts were confirmed. Yes, in fact, they were singing. And so, the British soldiers decided to join in on the wonderful carol, a taste of home!

Suddenly there was a head that popped up from a distance, and a wave. And then yet another up and a quick down again. Was this a joke or was this our enemy trying to get our attention? With much caution the British and Germans began to leave their dark cold muddy trenches to come and give a Christmas greeting to their enemies across the way. Soon this greeting turned into a night of coming together on common ground and putting aside all the fear and concern of the war. Tonight, the only thing on their minds was the Christmas season, the night Christ was born.

What can we learn from this wonderful and inspiring story? In the midst of troubled times there is always hope. The news is constantly filled with horror and uncertainty reminding us yet again that our world is not always a happy place to be in. Some find it hard to even put the TV on because it brings so much concern and worry.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if for this short season we could put away all our differences and opinions and simply enjoy the “Reason for the Season?”

Christ came to this earth as a baby, born in a humble setting, a simple feeding trough and hay for a bed. Young parents who were fearful of what was to come and what was to be. But some how knowing inside this child came with a special purpose in life. To bring peace and joy to our world for not only then but for now and future generations to come.

This Christmas season let’s all join together in a Christmas truce, just like the one in the middle of WWI back in 1914. Let’s sing together ‘Silent Night, Holy Night, all is calm, all is Bright.’

Christ’s purpose to coming to this earth was to bring peace to a dark world. He is there to walk with us through all the journeys we walk. He is that friend that will never leave us or forsake us. A true friend who is always there with us in our moments of need. Make this the year you seek Him out and find that peace and assurance we all crave in this world of chaos. He is the only one who can bring us that perfect peace. He is calling your name! He knows your heart, your fears and concerns. Lean on Him. I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

Blessings to you and a Very Merry Christmas!

Pastor Wendy Payne

Manitoulin Community Church