A dog’s wrinkled visage should not condemn it to death

The ugly are unfairly judged while others roam free

To the Expositor:

UCCMM police officers were called to a residence by neighbours living across the street from my house on Friday afternoon, April 24, 2015 between 3 and 4pm because my dog, Rosie (a mastiff) was in my yard without a leash.

In the course of the conversations with the officers, one constable uttered twice that he would have no problem shooting my dog because “my dogs are mean” as per statements communicated to the officers by the people living across the street.

My dog Rosie’s face is wrinkly but she is not a vicious dog, and she may look mean but she is not, nor are my other dogs, vicious.

On April 27, 2015, a young girl was walking with her dog without a leash at around 7 pm on Shawanosowe Street and the dog ran behind the complainee’s home, where their kids were playing. I’m not sure if the police or the band manager were notified about this.

There are all kinds of unleashed dogs roaming around in the front of the house across the street where I live, and in fact all over the community. Why are my dogs targeted? Is it just because my dogs appear to look ugly and mean?

My dogs are always tied up and sometimes break their chains, but they run to my mother’s house, who lives next door. They don’t roam around all over the community like some other dogs.

There are about half a dozen homeowners that have their dogs tied up in the whole community, while the rest of the dogs are allowed to roam around freely in the community.

Connie Megwanebi

Whitefish River First Nation