A litany of evidence illustrating Harper government’s misogyny

‘Short list of the ways this government has shortchanged all the girls and women of Canada’

To the Expositor:

I was considering a letter challenging Harper’s claims to being fiscally responsible, seeing that he has just burdened us with double the cost of the election by doubling the campaign period, as well as adding 30 more MPs, with salaries, expenses, and generous pensions, to the taxpayers’ bill. I wonder how that translates into smaller government, which Conservatives often seem to tout as one of the basic principles of their party.

This betrayal of their own values should give Conservatives reason enough not to vote for Harper. But my real question is why would any Conservative woman vote for that man?

The list is long of the actions of this man, who, during his tenure has shown flagrant disrespect and callous disregard for even the most basic of needs, as well as aspirations of women.

I can only believe that a lack of knowledge about the actions of this man and his party might lead you to believe that because he talks a good game, he cares about a group of people who actually outnumber men in Canada. That would be females, and you would be wrong.

To see the depth and degree of the misogyny of Harper and his party, you would have to know that: a) They cut $1 billion in childcare funding within 3 hours of being elected; b) They voted against a bill that would have given women equal pay for equal work, with the result that Canadian women make $8,000 less yearly than their male counterparts at the same job, a gap double the global average. A tidy sum that men have to put toward their student loans, their kid’s education, or a nice holiday that women do not; c) They voted against a national action plan to end violence against women, even though, every six days, a woman in Canada is killed by her husband; d) They have eliminated funding to six different Canadian women’s health organizations; and e) They have the lowest percentage of female politicians, now placing Canada at 42nd in the world in terms of female political empowerment.

This comprises only a short list of ways this current government has shortchanged all the girls and women in Canada. This should make all of us very very angry, even those of us, who, so far, have not felt the undesirable effects of Harper’s governance.

No woman can afford to be complacent, regardless of how well off she is, right now.

Things can change in a heartbeat. The vote against Harper, for the sake of others less fortunate than you, might one day benefit you.

We still have the power to ensure a brighter future for ourselves and our daughters.

Let’s exercise it. Let’s vote Harper and his Conservatives out.

Sincerely yours,

Deborah Wilson

Little Current