A sugar shack with history!

Working together, Willis and Jane Campbell pour a pail of sap into a bucket that will be taken into their sugar shack where it will go through the next stage towards being made into delicious maple syrup.

GORDON – More than just a building where delicious maple syrup is produced, the Campbell’s sugar shack not only brings family and friends back home every year to help in making the tasty treat, it boasts a remarkably long history.  

“This sugar shack was actually Mrs. Walker’s garage (in 1968) which had been located behind the old Co-op store (in Gore Bay) and my dad tore it apart, put it on a trailer and brought it out here,” Mr. Campbell, told the Recorder this past Saturday. “Don (Carter) and I rebuilt it quite a few years ago; we updated everything.”

Mr. Campbell noted that over the years family and many friends have helped in the process of making the maple syrup. 

There are photographs that adorn one wall in the sugar shack, giving visual evidence of some of the work that has been carried out on the building and dates posted on the walls indicate the year and number of gallons of syrup produced in any given year.

The one main message on the one wall proclaims, “Sugar Shack-2013/Saphead Productions. This original building was moved in 1968 from behind the old Co-op building in Gore Bay, by Everett and Willis Campbell, and put back up in the present location. In May of 2013 Don Carter and I raised the complete building up, from there I (Willis) started with the renovations. First, I removed the siding, boards and cut the old studs off. Then leveled all stands placing new 6×6 pressure treated for bottom plates. Wit a crew of cement workers we poured the complete floor and mid-September we poured the fire box. Don and I built the world storage addition. Darren (Carter) did the final job, that of welding the stove pipes. It should be good for another 50 years.” 

Mr. Campbell noted, “we usually make 10-20 gallons of maple syrup every year and give about 99 percent of it away. We just enjoy being there, that’s the main reason we continue to make maple syrup every year.”

Willis and Jane Campbell are shown in front of their sugar shack on the couple’s property in Gordon.