All levels of government should take care of Canadians first

To the Expositor:

I guess there are more health care cuts to come and being a Canadian is really nothing to be proud of because I believe two thirds of this country’s population is living in poverty or just above the poverty line and that’s nothing to be proud of. This country really sucks when it comes to serving Canadians. Kathleen Wynne’s government went out and bought a new computer system which is useless and is now causing a lot of problems and it was probably taxpayer money that they wasted, but what do they care? It’s not their money that they wasted.

Then we have this Stephen Harper in Ottawa that is giving away millions of dollars overseas while Canadians are struggling with their incomes. With all the cutbacks he is doing and telling Canadians they have to do this, but what about the millions of dollars he is giving away when he should know better to serve Canadians first? Rather than giving the money first overseas, he should be taking care of this country first because I can remember back when things were a lot better and it was not like this. It used to be a lot better but today there is nothing good about it because I see there is a lot of cruelty today and this is about selfishness. It is the government who is behind this and it does affect people when this selfishness takes over and the outcome is not good.

Ron Osawabine