Tehkummah Talk

Black History Month, The Heart Month, Valentine’s Day and Family Day and to top it all it’s National Cupcake Day (22 or 23?) I read it somewhere. Does that mean we have to make’em or will we be forced to eat’em?

When Karen phoned me to say it’s early deadline, well I’ve been housebound all week again. Tuesday the bug and cough came back so I just have slept almost constantly. I can’t seem to get enough shuteye, and I’ve been so cold. I hope this is the last roundup (well not really if you know what I mean).

My tongue and teeth feel like they have grown feathers, weird.

I got a nice card and hot mat from my number one (?) fan, thanks Darlene and a lovely phone call from Ruth Leeson, she sounded wonderful.

Margaret bailed me out today; I signed myself up for all the euchre lunches but couldn’t fulfill my duty.

They had four tables: men’s high, Hugh C, 79; lone hands, Gib had 2; low, Wayne, 47; ladies’ high, Margaret M, 66; lone hands, Linda B had 2; low, Dorothy, 40; door prize, Raymond.

Well today I got warm for the first time since Monday night. I hear Helen Oswald has this “bug” and Sherry said Dave has it too, chills and all.

Mom’s missing our card playing but we’ve had some long phone conversations.

You know how it is- you get looking for stuff and find other stuff!! Well I found the album with all my letters of praise and compliments from 1990 when I won my first (second place) (always a bridesmaid, you know) Community Newspaper Award. I guess they don’t submit them anymore, surely after winning three “seconds” three years in a row, by now I would have come first?! Anyway it was just as exciting reading all my nice notes 25 years later. I don’t remember them calling me in advance of the newspaper article February 7, 1990.

I hope everyone had a good Family Day.

Sorry to hear of Jim Hembruff’s death. He’d been through a lot the last few years, sympathy to all.

Editor’s Note: The OCNA discontinued the Country Correspondent Award just about 25 years ago. Our style of family-owned country newspaper was, even then, getting to be very much in the minority but we really appreciate the efforts of Pat Hall and our other country correspondents as we all try to maintain this delightful tradition.