Almost all Blue Goose farm properties sold

MANITOULIN—Just about all the properties put up for sale by Blue Goose Pure Foods have now been sold on the Island, a local realtor told the Recorder last Friday.

“Most of the big properties are sold, there are very few properties now left to sell,” said Isobel Edward of Coldwell Banker Real Estate, when contacted by the Recorder on Friday of last week. She explained that for the properties sold, “some have sold at market price, and some for what they had been purchased for. There have been very few properties that have sold for less than what Blue Goose had originally paid to purchase them.”

Ms. Edward explained, “I’ve been working with someone on the Carter Bay property. It looks like we have a serious buyer, and if it does work out it will be good for the Island and for the residents of Carter Bay. I’ve recently sold some lots as well at Carter Bay.”

“I think Blue Goose is very pleased at how things have gone,” continued Ms. Edward. “We have pending offers on another two properties. Considering there were 20 plus properties and buildings in total to sell and there are only four left, things have gone well. We have a buyer on one, and two potential buyers on two of the other properties left; and there is an interested buyer in the Carter Bay property, which we are working with.”