Annual KTEI Snowflake Gala impresses crowd with culinary flare and live entertainment

M’CHIGEENG—The sixth annual Kenjgewin Teg Educational Institute’s (KTEI) Snowflake Gala was an overwhelming success, with sold out tickets, live music and a five-star dinner organized and created by the school’s Culinary Management Program.

“The students in the second year Culinary Management Program asked to plan the gala this year, organizing every element from the decorating, ordering, menu, preparation and cooking, with the school providing administrative support when needed,” explained Beverly Roy-Carter, director of business and training at KTEI. “They did a wonderful job and we had overwhelming support from across the Island. It was a very festive crowd and the food and entertainment was great.”

Ms. Roy-Carter explained that the program ran last year in partnership with Sault College, but after receiving their diplomas, the students requested another year of learning.

“Through our partnership with Sault College we were able to offer a second year of the Culinary Management Program. While the first year focussed on practical chef training skills, this year is focussed more on culinary management and supervision.”

“The event was quite something,” Mathieu Bouchard, lead instructor for the course, told The Expositor. “It was not an easy undertaking, but the students rose to the challenge and it went very well. It was a lot of work for them and a lot of dedication outside of class hours, but everyone really pulled together and the night was a success.”

Not only did the evening feature a gourmet meal prepared and cooked by the culinary management students, there were also performances from the Johnny Cash Tribute Band and the Green River CCR Tribute Show.

“The students also planned a Hallowe’en party earlier this fall and are now working on a masquerade New Year’s ball,” added Mr. Bouchard.

The Snowflake Gala originated as a capital fundraiser for the KTEI building six years ago, however after the capital was raised, the gala continued, switching gears and fundraising for different student initiatives annually, such as transportation last year and the Culinary Management Program this year.

The masquerade ball will be held on Tuesday, December 31 at the M’Chigeeng Complex from 9 am to 2 pm. Tickets will be available at the door. For more information call KTEI at 705-377-4342.

Robin Burridge