Another landowner closes access to snowmobile trails

Communications issues with the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs cited as cause

To the Expositor:

This would have been the 10th year that the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs(OFSC)/Sudbury Trail Plan/Manitoulin Snowdusters and others would have used Lot 8 Con 4 Mills Twp.

Although we have never met these gentlemen, we share the sentiments of Bruce Wood, “the trail is closed; it’ll never be opened again,” as well as Jack Wood, “everyone gets something but the farmers.” Up to now with not so much as a mention we endured only headaches. Here’s why.

Working with OFSC and their clubs continues to be untenable. Communication is difficult, horrendously time consuming and an aggravating nightmare. It seems landowner communication is purposefully thwarted at every approach. No OFSC email contact or telephone contact is readily available. Over the years, when we’ve researched a contact our experience has been no return correspondence—none, zero, zilch, silence—and that landowner partnership continues a fallacy.

We have closed our farm land Lot 8, Concession 4, Mills Twp. Manitoulin District to non-farming motorized traffic, specifically all snowmobiles and ATVs. This includes OFSC, Manitoulin Snowdusters, Sudbury Trail Plan and others.

David and Trevor Lindsay

Sudbury and Mills